3 prohibition on licenses for undocumented immigrants in New York

As of December 16, undocumented immigrants residing in New York can process the standard driver’s license, but there are three important aspects that are prohibited.

1. Commercial vehicles
The document is granted only to drive private cars, not commercial, according to the “Green Light Law”.

“(An immigrant) cannot apply for a commercial license (CDL) under this law,” warns the vehicular office (DMV).

2. Voting
Citizens born in the United States and naturalized can use their driver’s license to select to vote, but legal immigrants or undocumented immigrants have the right to vote, therefore, that document does not work for registration.

“This law does not change your eligibility for the authorities to vote in New York,” warns the authority. “Only US citizens are eligible for registrars to vote.”

Remember that if you are not a citizen, you CANNOT vote.

3. Road to citizenship
The fact that an undocumented immigrant has a driver’s license does NOT put him on a direct path to obtain any immigration benefit, such as Permanent Residence and, much less, citizenship.

“This law refers only to driving privileges in the state of New York,” recalls the DMV. “It does not provide a path to citizenship for applicants who are not yet US citizens.”

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