4 Chinese patients denounced presumably with coronavirus symptoms are quarantined in DR

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – Medical, administrative and military personnel of the Ramòn de Lara hospital, located in the Dominican Air Force, are worried that four Chinese tourists with symptoms similar to the coronavirus were allegedly admitted to the isolation area.

A source inside the hospital revealed to N Digital that those suspected of having the disease would have arrived on Wednesday from Beijing and would be staying at a hotel in Punta Cana.

The source says that tourists were transferred to Santo Domingo and entered the center in two parts: first three citizens and then another, hours later.

The hospital and military medical personnel are worried that they presumably do not have the protective equipment to avoid contagion and because the proper information has not flowed, neither with them, nor the citizenship.

They indicated that they were only provided with masks, reasons for the moments of tension and concern.

He revealed that personnel who are on the second floor do not have the equipment and hygiene that really merits the treatment of this disease.

He revealed that the directors of the center ordered him not to talk about the issue and that even the guards who received the patients were informed that it was a simulation.

“The tourists of Chinese origin arrived last night to the isolation area because they came infected with coronavirus to the country and I think it is a very big irresponsibility on the part of the authorities to put at risk the personnel that work in the hospital and also not to alert the citizens ”, Informed the source.

The person who reveals the information makes it clear that he has no bad intention, nor does he want to cause alarm, but rather his interest in taking care of the medical and military personnel working in the Ramón de Lara.

Personal médico, administrativo y militar del hospital Ramòn de Lara
Personal médico, administrativo y militar del hospital Ramòn de Lara

This news is in development and official confirmation is sought from the hospital and Public Health Department.

Public Health revealed yesterday that it tracks 11 people who arrived from Beijìn and other nations where the coronavirus circulates.

Ramón de Lara Hospital operates the main isolation room, enabled by the Public Health authorities to quarantine any patients infected with the disease.

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