A Dominican accused in New Jersey by telephone scams thousands of dollars to seniors

New Jersey. Greisy Bretón, a 40-year-old Dominican woman, was arrested in New Jersey and charged with telephoning dozens of elderly people in several states of the United States with thousands of dollars, giving them false information that relatives of the scammers, they were in difficult situations and needed to send money.

Dominican prosecutor Passaic County, Camelia Valdez, said in a statement on Wednesday that Breton is accused of directing the scam to people of the third age, one of them living in Texas, which stole $ 6,200.

Authorities arrested Breton, in the Cherry Hill suburb of New Jersey, on Wednesday and charged her with third-degree theft.

She would have participated in other scams also against the elderly. The victims were contacted by telephone and told an elderly woman that a relative was in trouble and needed the money to pay bail and get out of jail.

In one case, Breton contacted the elderly woman living in Texas and persuaded her to transfer the $ 6,200 into a bank account in Paterson in the name of the scammer.

“Older people are often victims of these scams, said prosecutor Valdez. The victims are told that their relatives have an emergency and tell them about their grandchildren and other relatives and they instruct them to deposit the money in a bank account or send it in cash. ”

The authorities warn the elderly to be alert and let themselves be cheated or make bank transfers, or send money to strangers who call them by phone.

Breton could face a sentence of three to five years in prison if convicted.

The Financial Crimes Unit of Prosecutor Valdez’s office said it continues investigating the Bretón-led scam.

The Dominican was summoned to return to court on June 12.

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