A Dominican is in deportation in Pennsylvania is accused of attempted murder in Massachusetts

USA. The Dominican Willy Antonio Hernández Camilo, in process of carrying in Pennsylvania for identity theft and remain as an illegal in the United States, was extradited from that state to Massachusetts, where he now faces additional charges for attempted murder, when in 2016, he stabbed a man he left grave, in the middle of a discussion over a game of dominoes in Lawrence.

Camilo, was taken from an immigration police detention center (ICE) in Pennsylvania, thanks to an agreement of Essex County prosecutors in Massachusetts and federal authorities, so he can face charges in the Salem Superior Court, where a judge on Tuesday revoked bail, which he violated by not appearing in court and fleeing to Pennsylvania, where he was captured by the feds.

Judge Thomas Drechsler said he ordered Camilo to remain in custody because otherwise he would never be tried in what prosecutors say was an unprovoked and almost fatal stabbing in 2016.

“If he stays in federal custody, he will not guarantee his appearance here for trial,” Judge Drechsler said. While the judge was speaking, two ICE agents were sitting in the back of the courtroom waiting for Camilo to be released with another bond to re-sign him.

According to prosecutors, Camilo stabbed the man, on May 21, 2016, at a club in Lawrence, where the alleged victim was playing dominoes.

Camilo, who was at the time using the stolen identity of a man named Roberto Despiau of Puerto Rico, told the victim that he did not know how to play dominoes. And there was a discussion between the two, in the middle of which he stabbed in the chest and an arm, cutting the player’s brachial artery.

Camilo was charged with armed assault with attempted murder, creating mayhem, intentionally disfiguring or permanently damaging another person, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and causing serious bodily injury.

A bail of $ 5,000 was imposed on her with a restraining order from the victim, a GPS bracelet and a curfew, but she did not show up for a hearing on the case in 2017.

His attorney, Scott Gleason, alleges that prosecutors indicted his client, whose real name is Camilo, under the name of the Despiau Puerto Rican he used to obtain a United States passport at the Methuen post office in Massachusetts and a license to drive.

Camilo pleaded guilty in federal court to identity fraud and other charges and was sentenced to two years, completing his prison sentence last fall.

Prosecutor Prather said the victim of the stabbing is still available and interested in testifying against Camilo, who has pleaded not guilty in that case.

Prather argued that the circumstances of the case had changed because his office became aware of the defendant’s true identity and his illegal status in the United States.

“In my opinion, he should be released,” argued Gleason, who said his client had done everything he was ordered to do at the court hearing before being stopped by federal authorities in 2017.

He also argued that his client had not committed a crime by the name of Despiau.

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