A Dominican student murder and injure a brother in a fight in Boston

The 16-year-old Dominican student, Yonan Guerrero, was killed on Saturday and his 13-year-old brother was injured in a wild street fight in Boston on Saturday afternoon on a Boston avenue.

Boston, Massachusetts. –  In a wild street fight staged by a pack of teenagers on Blue Hill Avenue in Boston on Saturday afternoon, 16-year-old Dominican student Yonan Guerrero (Yoninca) and his brother of 13, unidentified, was injured in the head, neck and back, but survived the attack and left the hospital yesterday.

A third party involved in the fight was also injured, but his name was also not revealed.

Yonan Guerrero, was part of his school’s basketball team.

Police said a group of 10 to 12 revolts clashed after 4:00 p.m. in front of building 575 on the aforementioned Dorchester Avenue and the reason for the fight has not yet been established by investigators.

Boston police said Sunday that Guerrero was taken to a hospital in the area where he was pronounced dead.

The uniformed commissioner, William Gross, who was on the scene Saturday night, said the fight between the two groups intensified rapidly.

“For the neighborhood, they shouldn’t have to witness something like this,” Gross said of Guerrero’s murder.

Police received a call shortly before 5:00 p.m. reporting that two men had been stabbed in the confrontation.

Commenting on the city’s endless efforts to lessen violent attacks like this, Commissioner Gross said “we work on conflict resolution. We work in other ways when it comes to conflict resolution other than violence.”

The Boston Police Department is actively investigating the incident and calls for the cooperation of community members to help capture him or those responsible for Yonan’s death and his brother’s injuries.

On Monday, the parents of the murdered student, Yonan Guerrero (father) and Gina de Guerrero, spoke with local media in New England demanding justice.

They said the teenager was a good son and did not deserve to die that way.

“We want justice, we want those murderers to pay because it was so much to kill Yoninca and give all those stabs to that child,” the mother implored.

The father said he wants justice for his son and that the police take the criminals.

“He was a good boy, dedicated to study and who heard his father in everything,” said Mrs. de Guerrero.

Mr. Guerrero reported that his youngest son was discharged from the hospital and is well at home.

“He is stable and eating well thanks to God,” added the dad.

He said Yonan was killed when he tried to defend the brother from an attack by the rival group.

“He was a very good boy, what he was doing was working at Tropical Food and studying, that was all my son did,” he added.

“Murderers of an innocent child, murderers, and they will appear because nothing can be hidden under heaven, God is great and Jehovah of armies will take them out, murderers!” The mother shouted.

The researchers said they review the videos of several security cameras in the area to try to identify him or the Dominican student’s killers.

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