A Dominican woman indicted in Massachusetts for driver murder during traffic discussion

NEW YORK. – Dominican Graciela Paulino, 20, was arrested and charged in the criminal court of Lowell in Massachusetts for the murder of a bullet in the chest of the driver and construction worker, Mark Devoe, 34, in between from an argument over a traffic brush, when he followed the victim, and shot him with a gun.

Graciela Paulino, accused of the murder of a shot in the chest of Mark Devoe for a traffic argument in Massachusetts.

Police said Paulino was filled with anger when Devoe allegedly intercepted her with her vehicle, after she returned from her lunch hour.

Prosecutors say the woman had previously been arrested for other acts of violence and threats.

A friend who was riding in Devoe’s blue Hyundai car at the time of the incident told police that they quickly realized that Paulino was following them.

When the two men stopped near the building where the victim worked, Paulino got out of his car and an argument broke out between her and Devoe, in which they both insulted each other yelling at each other, police said.

Devoe’s friend, Brian Daigle, noticed that Paulino was stroking the left side of his waist and he told his friend to forget the discussion, because she was just a girl.

The two left, but Paulino still followed. The men got out of the car near the Hale Street bridge in Lowell.

Paulino advanced in his vehicle, slowed down and then shot Devoe in the chest, adds the police.

“They shot me,” Devoe said, before jumping back into the driver’s seat to chase Paulino and end up crashing into the bumper of a parked vehicle.

He was taken to Lowell General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Two hours after the incident, Paulino posted a sinister message on Facebook, writing a message in which he said he tried to warn Devoe to force him to “whip him.”

Paulino is accused of first-degree murder for the random encounter in traffic and the road rage incident, said Middlesex district attorney Marian T. Ryan.

If convicted, he faces a life sentence. She was summoned to return to Lowell’s court on March 14, 2020.

Devoe’s father, who attended the reading of the charges against Paulino, referred to the recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, when he spoke with journalists outside the courthouse, and accused President Donald Trump of being the culprit of the massacres and murders for not wanting to control the possession of firearms in the United States.

“Trump does nothing about it,” said an angry father in an interview with the local CBS channel in Massachusetts.

“I received a call telling me that someone murdered my son,” he said. “I would recommend that this president make his number one priority protect the people of this country. Let’s make this stop. It will get worse. ”

A friend of Devoe opened a campaign to raise funds on the GoFundMe platform to pay for the funeral.

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