Activists denounce they were disregarded by a parade official who tried to block their entrance

NEW YORK.  Numerous community activists, many of whom are diehard critics of the management that the directive is giving to the Dominican parade in Manhattan (Dominican Day Parade), denounced last night that they were disregarded by officials of the event organization, citing among them to Lilliam A. Pérez, a former employee of the state attorney’s office in Manhattan and currently in charge of the Civic Engagement Office of the president of The Bronx County.

The activists, some of whom are part of the volunteer security team of Congressman Adriano Espaillat, said that Pérez, accompanied by another woman who also works in the parade, tried to prevent them from entering the area since the stop began, accusing them of disrespectful and anarchists.

The discussion originated a trace between both sides, and the complainants denounced that in addition to them, other recognized figures of the community went through the same situation.

Among the activists were Sergio Consuegra, Roberto Lizardo, Rhadamés López, businessman Jaime Vargas and a cameraman of the program “The Ramón Aníbal Show”, who also the parade officials tried to block them.

Pérez, who served as an employee of the office of the discredited state prosecutor Eric Schneiderman, who was accused in May 2018 of sexual assault by numerous women, although later the case was dismissed by the prosecutor in charge, alleging the limitation of status, which It establishes the expiration of these accusations.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is also accused of being part of the political group that structured the directive and management of the parade.

The activists, also accuse her of having “conspired”, when by the efforts of her former boss, the then state prosecutor, activist Nelson Peña, was stripped of the parade, alleging a series of erratic maneuvers in the direction of the event, where he was leading more than 20 years.

The complainants, say that Pérez and other Dominican employees of Schneiderman, were the ones who illegally armed the scheme and the directive that currently governs the assembly of the stop.

“She conspired to choose people who have no connection with our community and even, some do not live in any Dominican area, but outside the city, so they have never participated in community events, which could qualify them as deserving of being part of that directive, ”they added.

They explained that Pérez, while being employed by the prosecutor and acting illegally in the armor of the direction of the stop, was part of the organic structure of the parade, where he has been benefiting from the beginning.

Perez was chosen by the board that she helped put together as the godmother of the stop at the 2018 parade.

They detailed that an appeal of illegitimacy against the directive of the stop, will be submitted soon in court, to ask the court to dissolve it and order the members of the management, to be chosen by votes.

They also deplored that the parade is managed by a directive that ignores the contributions and trajectories of many activists and professionals in different areas, some of whom were the founders of the first parade, which debuted in 1982 on Amsterdam Avenue in Upper Manhattan .

“In addition to the illegal nature of that directive, we are seeing how dominicanity is still ignored and its members are acting as an elite corporation, choosing medalaganariary and those who suit their interests,” they added.

They cited that the daughter of a former president of the stop, has been responsible for making contracts with the corporations that sponsor the stop, in exchange for a juicy percentage, which together with Pérez’s position, clearly violates the law against conflict of interests.

“It is not possible that a prosecution official, who lent herself to conspire against the community, has also been part of the parade’s handling, which is another disregard and mockery of Dominican dominance in the diaspora,” the complainants said.

They recalled that in more than 90%, the members of the board of the stop are totally unknown within the community and almost none of them participate in activities that benefit the Dominicans.

“No one has ever seen them, even when we have made days of collecting aid, at a time when the Dominican Republic has been hit by hurricanes, storms, floods and other natural phenomena, which is an example of its complete disconnection from the community, ”they added.

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