Principal accused for the murder of Junior rejects agreement with prosecutors for 23 years in prison

EEUU NEW YORK. Jonaiki Martinez Estrella, a gang member accused in the murder of Dominican student Lesandro Guzmán Feliz (Junior), rejected an agreement that the prosecutors of the Bronx proposed to him to plead guilty in exchange for 23 years in jail .

Martinez Estrella, is accused of having given the fatal machete to the 15-year-old teenager, after the group of 14 gangueros pulled him dragged from a warehouse in the Bronx, on June 20, 2018.

The gang member is one of the five suspects of the Trinitarians, who will be prosecuted after the selection of juries that takes place, of which 10 of 12 have already been chosen.

Judge Robert Neary referred to accusations that Junior was involved in gang activities and said there is still no substantial evidence to prove it.
The magistrate said he wants the defense to stay away from that issue during the initial statements.

The defense responded by saying that the cooperating witnesses had been claiming that Junior was involved in gangs before his death.
The judge set for Monday of next week, the opening statements.

The other four main defendants are Antonio Rodríguez Hernández Santiago, José Muñiz, Manuel Rivera and Elvin García.
They are charged with murder in the first degree, conspiracy, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

The winery located on 183 Street with Bathgate Avenue, in the Belmont sector, in the Bronx, was sold by its original owner, who faced threats from community members and schoolmates of Junior, for not having protected it and giving it to the gang members. to be murdered.

The new owner, a Dominican businessman, sought to rename the winery with the name of Junior in memory of the teenager, but the parents refused.

Police and prosecutors initially said Junior’s murder was due to identity confusion because of his close resemblance to another teenager who was wanted to be executed by gang members, because a sex tape was allegedly recorded with a sister of one of the leaders of Los Trinitarios.

After the images went around the world with the brutal scenes of the murder, the hastag “#JusticeforJunior, went viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks.

Junior’s mother is demanding that the perpetrators be sentenced to 300 years in prison and ensures that the 14 killed his son.

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