Ala Jaza to Omega: “It has to lower two tones”

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – Merenguero Ala Jaza, who was recognized as “Joven de Oro” in Pégate y Gana con el Pachá, said he is not looking forward to any of his colleagues’ career, so he does not understand why Omega el fuerte does not want to acknowledge his proposal musical if it is only working.

Omega has to be wished many blessings, I do not know why he expresses this way about me because I have never had much friction with him. I’m just making meringue, “he said.

He explained that the so-called “Strong” has been given “so many tips, and maybe he sees one and this one. You have to lower it sometimes, you have to lower it two tones. And I’m not waiting for anyone, I’m waiting to make music and the public, “he said.

Ala Jazá, who has been in music for a few years, said he took a lot of struggle, and today he is seeing the results of his perseverance.

“My brother takes fight, I took a lot of fight. For that reason, I do not rest, many people tell me: turn off the brain, “he said in Pégate y Gana.

During his participation in the Saturday space he also said that God has blessed him with the “Manguali”, genre he has created, in these ten years of musical career.

“God illuminated me with that rhythm, because the merengue saw it as not, what is happening with the merengue, and I had to change what is the basis with the same instruments. But different rhythms and it has worked well for me. ”

In the interview Ala Jazá revealed that he always believed in his artistic project, to the point that he came to reside in the Dominican Republic “unnecessarily”, and thousands of situations happened.

“My mom and dad told me: come to work. Others said: look at that madman with a residence (American) what he does here “, but his dream was to be a great artist.

During the appearance of the merenguero in the television show the “Negrito de Villa” Sergio Vargas sent him a message in which he urged him to take care of his public “credibility”.

Also the “merenguero man” Kinito Méndez spoke wonders of the young merenguero and Pastor Gersón Corniel said that he was always next to Ala Jazá, to whom he gave many advices.

“Pégate y Gana con el Pachá” is broadcasted on Saturdays by Color Visión (channel 9) for the entire Dominican Republic and for the United States by Dominican Television from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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