Alex Rodríguez confirms that he will be president of the Presidente USA brand: “My father would be proud”

“President is one of the most prestigious brands in the entire country,” he told Forbes.
The company wants the alliance with the player to place it in international markets

Former New York Yankee, Texas Ranger and Seattle Mariner is the new president and co-owner of Presidente USA, the Dominican beer brand now owned by Anheuser-Busch Inbev, informed Forbes.

According to the magazine, the terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but for Alex Rodriguez, the son of Dominican immigrants, the beer brand has an emotional connection. In an exclusive interview with Forbes, he said he feels “as if he were a family,” and added that unless someone is from the Dominican Republic or has grown up with him, “it is difficult to explain to others.”

“Presidente is one of the most prestigious brands in the entire country,” he said. “It’s what PepsiCo means to the United States. It is synonymous with our country, synonymous with our flag. It is unfortunate that my father is not yet here to see this, but I think he would be more proud of this association than my home runs. ”

According to Rodriguez, part of the reason why beer has not earned so much in the United States. It is because it is the temperature that is served. (For him, it has to be “very, very cold” and “sparkling white”).

“The consumer will feel very, very offended if it is not so cold,” he said.

President, first launched by the Dominican National Brewery in the Dominican Republic in the 1930s, was acquired by Anheuser-Busch in 2012 for $ 1.2 billion. Ricardo Marques, vice president of marketing for the Anheuser-Busch Inbev group for Core & Value Brands, said President has been growing in “unique digits.” However, he said that the partnership with Rodriguez will be “with us every day looking to grow President brand.”

“He is passionate about the brand and I assure you that he knows it better than me,” Marques said. “It’s part of their culture and where it comes from, so what we’re really looking for is their vision of where they think this brand should go.”

While this is the first beer brand that Rodríguez has worked with, it is not the first brand he has worked with. Others in the past include Pepsi, Planters and Vita Coco coconut water.

“I don’t see this from an investment or a marketing opportunity,” he said. “I see this as a way of telling stories and bragging about one of the best brands.”

So what comes next? Until now, the focus of the brand has been in the cities of the east coast with large Dominican populations such as New York and Miami, but now the plan is to have a national strategy in force by opening the day of the next baseball season, starting with a great activation at Yankee Stadium. Rodriguez said he could recruit some of his friends friends of the President who drink and play baseball to help him.

“It’s the domino effect,” Rodriguez said. “The hundreds of Dominican major league players and Latin American players who have played in this country, the first thing they do after a game is to have a President.”

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