Alexandra reveals that she went hungry with Mozart La Para and he had to pawn his clothes to eat

Mozart’s ex-wife La Para, Alexandra Hatcu, revealed that when she joined the urban artist she was very hungry and had to pawn her clothes to eat.

Hatcu revealed the precariousness and inconvenience lived with his ex-husband in his beginnings as an artist.

The also known as Alexandra MVP said that after moving with the artist lived in an apartment in which they paid 25 thousand pesos, however, the earnings of the urban singer were between 7 to 8 thousand pesos per party.

“At that time, urban artists were not very well received or accepted, society was beginning to take them into account,” she adds.

In that sense, he revealed that he even went hungry with the young artist because of how badly he was doing at the beginning and that sometimes he had to pawn up his clothes.

It was then that with the help of Alexandra MVP’s parents they managed to move from the apartment located on Rómulo Betancourt Street to another more affordable for both.

The young native of Romania said in the interview given to the program of Alofoke Radio Show, that she saw how other great urban artists who had their accounts in the networks, had their work scheme and were creating their own name, however, Mozart did not had and that prevented him from achieving success.

Hatcu indicated not to be sorry for having married the interpreter of “A gozar” and that she does understand that they were very young at that time, but the 10 years of relationship that lasted with the artist, he spent very much in love.

Alexandra MVP and Mozart La Para made public their intentions of separating through their social networks, after 10 years of marriage and a daughter, last March.

Soon Mozart began a relationship with Dalisa Alegría.

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