“Alofoke” meets with Danilo Medina and resumes his aspirations to deputy

Santiago Matias Danilo Medina
Santiago Matias And Danilo Medina

Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicSantiago Matias, known as “Alofoke“, reconsidered his decision to abandon his political aspirations and will return to assume his candidacy for deputy for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

Santiago Matías revealed that he met with President Danilo Medina on Wednesday, who would have urged him to resume his aspirations in the third district of the National District.

“The President received me. They talked about my candidacy, the impact we have had on social networks, on national and international television … many sound advice from the president and his total support for our candidacy, “said Santiago Matías.

He assured that the support

of President Danilo Medina to the youth was that he convinced him to present his aspirations again. “I went in tennis and in t-shirt to the Palace and he receives me with all the love of the world as he receives people who go with sack and shoes,” he insisted.

Alofoke” was registered as a candidate for a deputy on Sunday afternoon, in the last hour of reception of interested parties by the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD). That same day also joined Aquiles Correa, prominent and well-known humorist of the country, who also aspired to a deputation for the same circumscription three.


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