“Alofoke” withdraws his political aspirations for “classism” in politics

Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicSantiago Matías, known as Alofoke, renounced his aspirations to be a deputy from District 3 of the National District.

Matías was registered last Sunday to participate in the primaries of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), and he did it on the same day as the communicators Bolívar Valera and Aquiles Correa, who are equally looking to be nominated as candidates.

“I contribute more from this communication platform, being a spokesperson for the most needy. Without limits or party impositions, “said Matías on his radio program, Alofoke Radio Show, where he announced that he was declining his aspirations.

The communicator, specializing in Dominican urban music, complained about “classism” that exists in Dominican politics, where he assured that it is intended to close the doors to people who emerge from the neighborhoods and who have not had the opportunity to access a quality education.

Santiago Matías admitted that he was arrested by the National Drug Control Directorate in 2010 upon leaving the United States consulate, but explained that it was all due to a file that had been placed without reason.

He said he went to the courts of the Republic, with a writ of habeas data, asking that he be removed that card for narcotics which, he said, was possible.

He also complained that many people questioned his aspirations for not having finished a university degree.

Alofoke” said that he had not finished his engineering studies in systems due to various difficulties he had “already talked about on other occasions”.

The registration of Matías took place on Monday afternoon and since then a gale of comments on social networks, newspapers and radio and television programs has been unleashed, with regard to the inscriptions of other figures of the national show.

“At the time I will look for a public position,” said Matías in the radio space in which he announced the decline of his aspirations.

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