American Embassy congratulates transparency on Collado administration

American Embassy congratulates transparency on Collado administration

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic. The ambassador of the United States in the country, Robin Bernstein congratulated the transparency shown by the administration of Mayor David Collado in his management in front of the City Hall of the National District.

The United Nations Development Program and the US ambassador described Tuesday as a regional example the management of the mayor’s office of the National District for its commitment to implement transparency mechanisms.

The ambassador of the international organization, Lorenzo Jiménez, and the mayor David Collado renewed an agreement on Tuesday to monitor the budgetary management with the intention of turning the mayor into a model administration for the country and for Latin America.

The second stage of

the pact called “Santo Domingo Siempre Transparente” includes advice on contracting and budget planning.

The Mayor, David Collado, stressed that the priority areas for supervision are the Directorate of Collections, Urban Cleaning, Infrastructure and Community Works, Urban Planning and Purchasing.

For his part, the representative of UNDP, Lorenzo Jiménez, said that the agency will identify both local and international experts to accompany the council during the next months to make a detailed diagnosis.

Also, the US Embassy, ​​Robin Bernstein, meant that the agreement between the two institutions can serve as a model to take it to other provinces of the country.

The renewal of the agreement will extend until 2022.


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