Andres Navarro believes PLD must rethink and open up to a generational change

Santo Domingo. The presidential candidate, Andrés Navarro, considered that the Partido de la Liberación Dominicana must carry out a rethinking, a revision and be open to the possibility of a generational changeover.

“More than ever, the PLD is called from the grassroots level to its top management to do a replanting, a revision and open the possibility of a generational change in the direction of the State,” he said.

In another order, he said that the debate can not be postponed among the candidates of the parties, so he proposes that by 2020 the debates be taken to universities to involve young people in social issues.

He said that the debate in universities allows “to change the political culture and is where you can generate more interest.”

Regarding the primary within the organism, Navarro described as important the creation of a commission in the PLD to adjust the statutes to the law of Parties and Electoral Regime. He also requested that the meetings of the Political Committee should be regularized.

Navarro denies conform parallel structures

Navarro denied that during his tenure at the head of the Ministry of Education, there were parallel structures that would carry out functions corresponding to the deputy ministers and clarified that their use owed more to a process of study for the modernization

Navarro described the statements of the new educati on minister, Antonio Peña Mirabal, as a confusion. “I assume that he may have interpreted that the establishment of technical teams on my part, for reform and modernization, he interpreted as a parallel structure and it is not. ”

He said the process of transforming an institution can not be in the hands of the same people and areas that have to operate and provide service to the public.

He denied that there is personal conflict with the new education minister and said he has little relationship with him, although he clarified that he did not deny his surprise at the official’s statement.

“I can not deny my surprise at the attitude and behavior toward me and in politics one must be prepared for everything, to receive imputations from another.”

He said that he is a person who is accustomed to receiving criticism, analyzing and improving it, he considers it a “matter of the moment”.

Respond to the ADP

Navarro to be questioned about the statements of the Dominican Association of Teachers of 20 points treated in their management, only one materialized, said that the points dealt with the teachers lasted years of process for compliance.

He said that only the process of evaluating teachers’ performance lasted more than a year.

In turn, criticized the ADP, considering that their commitment was not to paralyze classes in schools.

Navarro gave these statements when he was interviewed by the journalist Adolfo Salomón in the program Verdades al Aire.

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