Apple introduced Card, its new digital credit card based on Apple Pay

Apple is becoming complex so fast that we are not realizing it: in its launch of services from the Steve Jobs Theater, the Cupertino company presented Apple Card, a credit card that works on Apple Pay technology.

The card is totally digital and lives inside your iPhone or Apple Watch. Tim Cook’s company has teamed up with the Goldman Sachs bank and with MasterCard to offer its card, which – if you live in the United States – can be obtained in minutes and used in 70% of the stores in the country north of the Rio Grande .

Of course, and true to its style, Apple made the credit card easier for everyone: an important feature is the ability to control your finances completely, with precise details of your spending places.

The best? Apple promises that your credit card will not have associated costs or interest rates, as it usually happens with international purchases or when you fall behind with payments.

Did someone say money for free and super safe?

The company of the bitten apple also has a generous side: Daily Cash. If you use your digital card in any business, Apple returns 2% of any purchase. If you buy something directly from Apple, it will be 3%.

That “daily money” is better than the points of the supermarket, since you can use it to buy, pay any transaction in your account or share it with your friends. It’s free money, ladies and gentlemen.

In terms of security, Apple insists on intricate systems: each device will have a unique PIN and card number, and the latter will always be covered unless you use Touch or Face ID.

And what happens if Apple Pay does not work?

In the event that this business is not compatible with Apple Pay, which in the case of the United States is 3 out of 10, Apple designed a physical card that, although it breaks with the digital line, is frankly a design marvel.

Each card is engraved with your name on a piece of titanium, and is a physical copy of your Apple Card to use in case of emergency. The card is also very secure: it does not have a security number, CVV code, expiration date or signature.

And so you do not want to always use it, if you pay with the physical Apple Card, Daily Cash will only return 1% of what you spend. Not everything could be so perfect.

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