Applications to have absolute control of what your children see on cell phones and tablets

Santo Domingo. Since last week there has been a panic that spreads across all social networks about the so-called Momo-Challenge, or momo challenge in Spanish, which consists of using the image of a Japanese sculpture that no longer exists, supposedly to incite children to be injured or attempt suicide through videos posted on the Youtube Kids platform.

The controversial material that attempts against the little ones appears camouflaged in the content of Peppa Pig or the video games of Fornite.

We must clarify that the figure of Momo as such has nothing to do with the challenge that originated in social networks. But as a form of prevention before momo or any other challenge that can alter the peace of children and adults I will recommend three applications so that they have absolute control of what their children see on cell phones and tablets.

The first is Qustodio, totally free, in it you can set a time limit for the use of the electronic device, get reports of the applications that children use and remote lock the device, Qustodio is free.

The other one I recommend that is quite good and easy to use is Kaspersky Safe Kids, with this they have even access to the location of their children, control of applications, calls and text messages, the other one that I recommend is Family Time, which already works in Spanish, free and available for both phones for me one of the best because of the ease with which it can be handled, control the time of use, schedule of tasks and all kinds of record of what their children do on their cell phone .

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