authorities rescued 17 children who were mistreated and exploited at work in Valverde

Santo Domingo, DR. The authorities rescued 17 children from the La TÍa Orphanage, where they were presumably subjected to labor and sexual exploitation, as well as physical abuse, in Jaibón, Laguna Salada, Valverde province.

Almost all the children rescued show scars on various parts of the body and signs of violence.

According to information supplied to N Digital, a man known as Pedro beat minors with a stick

The minors are now in the custody of the Office of the Procurator for Children and Adolescents.

The home is a dependency of the National Council for Children (CONANI) and is directed by Maritza Felix and Eduviges Núñez, known as La Tía.

Upon being rescued, one of the children confessed that in the morning hours they were taken to a farm to work.

Everything was discovered when Marcelino Pineda Gutiérrez, requested since March to see his 11-year-old son and was not allowed until last Friday, August 21.

According to the complaint, the minor had abundant scars and bruises from the blows and the orphanage management refused to show it due to these conditions.

“I hadn’t seen him all that time and Mrs. Edviges Núñez, known as La Tía, told me that she couldn’t see him because of the coronavirus pandemic; that you couldn’t receive people, ”he explained.

She said that after talking on the phone with her son, she noticed something strange, pressured and even cut her off because the words were not coming out.

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