Bavaro airport says lack of legal quality in the challenge to the environmental license

Santo Domingo, DR. – The Bávaro International Airport, AIB, SAS, said this Monday that there is a lack of legal quality in the allegations presented by the Eastern Airport Corporation (CAE) to try to cancel the environmental license for the new project, in a presentation before the Ministry of the Environment. Ambient.

The jurist Luis Miguel Pereyra presented a document of more than 70 pages to the state institution, in which he explains how the AIB, which seeks to expand air transport facilities in the area, correctly complied with the terms of reference in order to obtain the cited license, for which the ministry took 240 days to approve.

He suggested that the Environment declare the CAE’s appeal for reconsideration inadmissible due to the lack of legal basis and due to the impossibility of proving the claim that the ministry acted against the law when granting the environmental license to the Bavaro International Airport.

The legal document establishes that the managers of the AIB held two consecutive public hearings, the calls for which had sufficient publicity as established by law and that the opponents of the project did not appear at any, but neither did they comment on the environmental impact study within the term established the rules.

It points out that the environmental study of the project was done by the company Coydisa SRL, represented by the engineer José Ariza Durán, “one of the most renowned professionals in environmental evaluations.”

In this sense, he defined as false, “light and insubstantial” the statement of the CAE, owned by Grupo Puntacana, in the sense that a company not registered with the Ministry of the Environment was hired for the study.

He explained that everything related to the impact of birds is based on another, a meticulous study made by SOH Conservación (formerly La Hispaniola Ornithological Society), the most recognized entity in the Caribbean regarding the investigation of avifauna, mastofauna and herpetofauna.

The study, signed by Jorge Brocca and César Abrill, on September 30, 2019, states: “The incidence of birds on the grounds of the Bávaro International Airport is marked by the migration routes that occur in the area, detecting the East-Southwest area of ​​the Dominican Republic as the nucleus of migration to South America, but it would not affect the site under study at all. ”

He argues that the number of birds and their distribution would fluctuate throughout the eastern part of the country, from Miches to Punta Cana, since they gather on the coast, not generating problems for the activities planned by the project (AIB, S.A.S)

“We must mention the Punta Cana International Airport on the same migration route as the rest of the birds that cross the country’s coast, without any special incidents in air traffic or in the tourist developments of Punta Cana, Bávaro, Macao. and Uvero Alto ”, conclude the experts.

On the other hand, the document deposited with the Environment refers, among other issues, to the alleged lack of foresight to build the infrastructure, having a landfill two kilometers from the selected place. It states that the Duquesa landfill is 1.5 kilometers from La Isabela International Airport, without affecting its operations, for which reason the objection is without merit.

The answer, recently formally delivered to the Ministry, answers questions about the inventory of flora in the construction site, aquifers, protected or endangered species, technology and other topics attacked by the CAE.

It states that the work does not contravene the Sectorial Plan for Tourist Territorial Organization (POTT), Punta Cana, Bávaro, Macao, an aspect certified by the Ministry of Tourism.

It states that the CAE does not specify in its appeal for reconsideration what are the reasons why the Ministry of the Environment allegedly incurred in violation of legal security, due process of law, the principle of legality and legitimate confidence.

Likewise, it shows that the CAE does not explain “minimally for what reasons it attributes to the Environment having violated principles and legal guarantees” when granting the environmental license to the Bávaro International Airport.

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