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Broad rejection of the aspirations of Cardi B for US Congressman

NEW YORK. – A wide rejection in different sectors of the Latino communities of El Bronx and social networks, is taking place against the announcement in early January of the rapper Cardi B, who said he is evaluating the possibility of seeking the candidacy for the Chamber of Representatives in this year’s elections, although he did not specify the district.

The artist, daughter of Montecristi native Dominican parents in the Northwest of the Dominican Republic, began to get involved in political issues and make pronouncements against armed violence, including the murder of Junior, since last year.

Militancy is linked in the team of the candidate to the White House Benny Sanders of the Democratic Party, although she has not confirmed that version, but was invited in 2019 by the Iowa state committee of that organization to participate in a political event, taking advantage of a presentation that had to be suspended for the threat of a bomb in the place where it acted.

At that time, Congressman Adriano Espaillat asked that he be protected.

The rapper has also ranted against the New York police and has described the United States as “a hellish abyss.”

Among those who reject the aspirations of the interpreter, there is a follower of his on twitter who dared to call her “bitch.”

Mostly, the tendency of not conferring capacity or political experience made the artist say that if she decided on the political arena, she would return to school.

Others believe that due to her questioned image of gang member and prostitute that she herself revealed on Instagram, her postulation would dishonor the United States Congress.

The rapper raised a poster to promote himself politically but if he specified the position he would look for in a Democratic primary.

“Vote Cardi B 2020”, says the promotion with the slogan “Keep It Real America”.

He announced that he will soon give more details about his political aspirations.

He also faces criminal and minor charges for accusations of attacking two waitress sisters in a strip bar in Queens, so he could be sentenced to five years in jail or on probation.

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