Brother of Junior qualifies as “hyenas” Trinitarios accused of the murder in opening of the trial

NEW YORK. Manny Ortiz, older brother of Dominican student Lesandro Guzmán Feliz (Junior), murdered on June 20, 2018, in front of a winery in the Bronx, described as “hyenas” the gangsters of the Dominican gang “Los Trinitarios “, Accused of the brutal homicide.

Ortiz, who spoke to local media on Monday in front of the State Supreme Court of the Bronx, where the accused are tried in the company of other relatives.

He complained angrily that some of the defendants smiled when they noticed the presence of their parents and other relatives of Junior in court.

“We all saw the videos, they fell like hyenas, in groups,” Ortiz said in reference to the 14 gang members accused of the murder.

“They looked back, and they smiled. That is terrible, “Ortiz said of the five Trinitarian gang members.

“I was thinking of jumping the railing (of the stand) to drown one of them,” Ortiz added.

The family’s pain worsened with the initial statements, when the suspects’ lawyers also tried to paint the gang members as “victims”, and one of the defenders even blatantly stated that Junior was entirely to blame for the attack in which he was murdered.

Prosecutors say the suspects gathered at the home of another gang member, where they took out their phones, filmed and boasted of having killed a member of the gang “Sunset”, believing that Junior was the target and then one of the leaders of Los Trinitarios, publicly apologized to the gang, saying that “we killed the wrong guy”.

Assistant District Attorney Morgan Dolan said the gang members did it for their state. Those prosecuted on charges of first degree murder are Antonio Rodríguez Hernández Santiago, Jonaiki Martínez Estrella, José Muñiz, Manuel Rivera and Elvin García.

Another nine are expected to go to trial next month for their alleged participation. The lawyer Toni Messina, who is representing Rivera, blamed the victim for his own death and said that Junior gave his killers reasons to believe he was a member of the “Sunset”, for something he said.

But the lawyer refused to specify the details, claiming that he must abide by a gag order.

“He needs to explain that first!” Junior’s brother replied angrily.

The other defense lawyers said that their clients only carried out the attack due to the pressures of gang life.

“The Trinitarians beat their own,” said Amy Attias, Santiago’s lawyer.

Martin Goldberg claimed that his client, Muñiz, intentionally hit Junior with the unsharpened side of a machete so as not to hurt him.

“He did not intend to hurt anyone, in fact, he did not,” the defender said. The trial will continue today.

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