Canada warns its citizens about plastic surgery in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The Government of Canada updated travel precautions for its citizens towards the Dominican Republic. The report, updated last week, focuses on health issues as those that generate the greatest caution.

According to the communication, “Canadian citizens have had serious health complications after cosmetic surgeries or other elective surgeries abroad.” So he suggests to Canadians that “before leaving for a medical trip, make sure you have researched and use only competent health care providers.”

On medical services, the report states “that good medical care is only available in major cities. The quality of care varies a lot throughout the country. Hospitals and private clinics are better equipped than public hospitals. ”

He adds that “there are reports of excessive charges for medical services, variable prices and unnecessary stays in hospitals in private facilities. Ask about fees before undergoing treatment. If you feel you have been overloaded after a hospital visit, inform the hospital administrators. ”

So he warns to be careful with the aggressive sales tactics of the doctors of the tourist centers, who are often hired by private hospitals and try to sell him in their facilities. If you go to the hospital, ask for assistance in English or French at the hospital’s guest services desk. Be sure to get travel insurance that includes coverage for medical evacuation and hospitalizations, he concludes.

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