Cardi B says she will not return to the Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. The singer Cardi B again watered the issue of racism, but this time very annoyed she said that she does not return to the Dominican Republic, nor will she talk about the country.

Although he excluded the town of Castañuela, in the municipality of Montecristi, where he will be doing a job with his uncle who is a doctor, he assured that: «I never speak of the Dominican Republic again, never again speak of the Dominican Republic. I always feel representing the Dominican Republic because I love Dominican people, I love being Dominican. The fire of my heart as I act, is because that is how we are, but I never go to the Dominican Republic again, “he said with notable pain at the same time.

The rapper of Dominican origin once again defended herself against criticism over the issue of racism, after publishing the photograph with the Dominican flag of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, for hinting about a possible unification on the island.

And although on Monday through a live video on her instagram account, I clarify when I say that both flags together represent a “symbol of peace”; This Wednesday, she watered again for what they could be, the declarations of the singer Alianny García

, who questioned Cardi Cardi B for saying on Monday that Haitians are mistreated in the country, to which Alianny says no.

In her new outlet, Cardi B again rectified the purpose of her message of peace, but visibly upset, she said that she does not like gossip and that she does not return to the Dominican Republic.

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