Cardi B swears not to return to the operating room for cosmetic surgery

The world-renowned rapper of Dominican origin Cardi B swore on Friday in his Twitter account that he will never return to the operating room to undergo cosmetic surgeries, hours after the family of Dominican Manuel Nunez (La Gargola) denounced that he died after undergoing one of those procedures.

Núñez worked as a waiter at the Mama Juana Café restaurant on Dickman Street, in Upper Manhattan, and had gone three times to the Dominican Republic to undergo surgeries.

“I’ve been training for the last 2 weeks because whore, I will not have surgery again, but let me tell you that I have not had a headache since then,” the rapper wrote in the social network message.

The artist, 26, showed her swollen feet through on her Instagram account on Sunday of last week and revealed that it is a complication by a liposuction that was done.

Cardi B, who did not identify the surgeon who intervened or said if it was in the United States or the Dominican Republic, added: “See how my feet swell every time I take flights, my stomach is even more swollen,” he also wrote to foot of a photo that I had erased.

She added that her “feet and stomach are burned when she inflates,” which is why doctors recommended rest.

And in another live appearance on Instagram Live he said: “I hate canceling shows because I love money.”

She added that she is addicted to money, and they pay her “a lot of money, a lot of money” for her shows.

“A lot of money. I’m canceling millions of dollars in presentations, but like, health is wealth, I have to do what I have to do, “added the rapper.

The young Manuel Núñez had undergone three plastic surgeries and died in the last while recovering from a liposuction that was performed in the area of ​​the hips, last week at the clinic Plastic Surgery located in the Arroyo Hondo II sector in Santo Sunday, which was closed on Monday.

Dr. Richard J. Brown, plastic surgeon and author of the book “The Royal Bible of Beauty: Navigating your journey through plastic surgery”, published in English, explained that someone who has had recent surgery should always wear compression stockings, especially when traveling by plane, get up and walk every hour to avoid blood clots.

The rapper also defended her decision to have a breast augmentation in addition to having done liposuction instead of exercising after giving birth to her daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus last July.

“People tell me I’m lazy and I should exercise,” he said on Instagram Live. “I do whatever f – k wants to do with my body. I do not have the time of day like you. My work as an artist is a 24-hour job, brother. So no, I do not have time to do exercises and I wanted specific things that I know that no matter how much I do, it will not work out. “

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