Carlos Paulino ex-husband of Kiara Romero breaks the silence

After a year of public silence, the player Carlos Paulino offered statements in the Mujeres al Bode program regarding the relationship he had with his former partner Kiara Romero, as well as the incident they lived a year ago that captured the attention of all media.

“I loved Kiara and I didn’t marry her because of the pregnancy. Loving is a decision and I decided to start a family with her. I saw a future in Kiara and wanted to start my family, ”Paulino confessed when he remembered the beginning of the relationship, when with only 3 months of courtship they got married.

In accordance with the statements of the catcher of Los Gigantes del Cibao, the attempted attempts of his ex-partner occurred since before the birth of his son.

“I didn’t understand what was happening and I told him to think about our future son.”

The athlete regretted not having the knowledge and tools necessary to help his ex-wife at that time and urged people who are going through a process similar to the one he lived to seek help.

Paulino regretted the handling he gave to many situations and acknowledged his ignorance in the illness of his son’s mother, as well as other faults he had as a couple.

On the abandonment that Romero will declare to have received from him after the incident, the reasons for his separation and other great questions that have been generated around him on this issue, he will be offering statements on Saturday December 14 in the Women on the Edge program to be transmitted from 11.30 at night on Telesystem channel 11.

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