Carlos Silver failed to break the Guinness World Records

After having remained five days (105 hours, 11 minutes and 40 seconds) singing songs continuously, the Dominican singer Carlos Silver could not break the record of more hours sung so far by the Hindu Sunil Waghmare.

“Unfortunately it was not achieved, but the fact that the task has not been achieved does not mean that Carlos Silver has not done something extraordinary, imagine, singing for more than 100 hours, you lived it,” Carlos Tapia Rojas, the adjudicator, told Carlos and supervisor of the Guinness World Records book, which supervised the event in the country.

He explained that although Silver complied with most of the guidelines required by Guinness, such as the chronometer that indicated the hours of singing, maintaining the vocal quality, the duration of each song (minimum 2 minutes), two witnesses in four-hour shifts, rest of five minutes per hour, failed in “the rule of 30 seconds”.

“The participant can not stop singing for more than 30 seconds between songs, unless he is on his break, and in the videos that we review we detect breaks of up to two minutes, so this time the assignment was not achieved” , lamented Tapia Rojas.

He clarified that Silver can try to break the record at any time and that to enter the contest there is no set time, that where the Creole failed was with the theme of the organization.

In addition, he pointed out that the fact that they were not present from the first moment does not affect the competition because when a adjudicator or a judge is not present, they review the evidence, such as videos and witness statements.

The official announcement would be offered through the Guinness World Records page in the coming days.

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