Central Bank warns remittances must be delivered in dollars

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – Despite the fact that the Central Bank disavowed the delivery of foreign currency in a currency other than the one sent by the remitter to the recipients, some local companies yesterday continued to deny carrying out this operation in accordance with the agreement between the parties.

Meanwhile, even with these details from the entity executing the country’s monetary and exchange rate policies, the situation persisted yesterday with new complaints from users of the remittance service, exposing that in addition to having to pay more expensive for their shipments for delivery in dollars Some remittance companies insist on doing it in pesos.

As the Central Bank made clear, in the international market, regulations establish that the remitter, the person who sends the money, “has the power and the freedom to choose the type of currency in which it is delivered. the shipment”.

What prevails, said the financial institution, “is the will of the remitter, to deliver in dollars or in Dominican pesos, considering the exchange rate in effect at the time of the delivery of the currencies.”

Yesterday, amid the complications of this situation in the sending of foreign currency, Ruth Tejeda, candidate for overseas deputy for the Country Possible party in the Bronx, of the state of New York, revealed to this newspaper that Dominicans who send dollars to Through remittance agencies, they have to pay up to $ 10 for a small amount of money, in order to receive the US currency


“When you make a shipment they ask you if the delivery is in weight or in dollars, but when you send in dollars, the cost is different, there is a price to send in weight and a price to send in dollars,” Tejeda explained. Who demanded that the agencies be honest and that when a Dominican is going to put a shipment they tell him whether or not they have availability of dollars.

He stressed that there is a lot of money that Dominicans in the United States collectively pay to guarantee that their shipments are delivered in dollars so that the agencies in the country want to deliver it in pesos, as if nothing.

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