César El Abusador leaves the radar of the authorities

SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. – After almost a month of the dismantling of the largest network of money laundering and international drug trafficking, the Dominican and US authorities have not been able to find the whereabouts of their leader, César Emilio Peralta, better known as César El Abusador.

The authorities also have no idea where Yeimi Verónica Núñez Rodríguez, Lidio Peña Mota, Heriberto de la Cruz Pérez and Pablo Antonio Polanco Mateo are, against whom arrest warrants were issued, to be included in a list of 18 people.

On August 20, the country woke up with a wide deployment consisting of 700 individuals among military, police, agents of the Attorney General’s Office and 150 career prosecutors raiding and confiscating property belonging to César El Abusador and its criminal network .

In the following days a search block composed of around 200 people made a wide deployment throughout the country behind the capo, with the advice and technology of the FBI and the DEA.

Apparently, the fugitive capo left the radar of the authorities and nothing else has been known of his whereabouts, if he would be outside the country.

The truth is that you can no longer hear about César El Abusador, nor by the authorities, media or social networks, after his name and the seizure of his property occupied the first planes and went from mouth to mouth.

At least 15 individuals have been imposed different measures of coercion, including Marisol Mercedes Franco, sentimental partner of El Abusador.

Coercive measures against the accused range from pure and simple liberty, pretrial detention, house arrest, electronic bracelet placement, payment of financial guarantee, exit impediment and periodic filing.

Those charged to those of the Office of Care Perely of the National District, José Alejandro Vargas, have issued preventive detention are: Rodolfo Cedeño Ureña (El Comandante) José Bernabé Quiterio, Alan Gilberto Bueno Alcequiez, Rafael Reyes, Manuel Sánchez Pérez.

Edward Patricio Montero Cabral, owner of the Zapatazo, was subjected to house arrest.

As a coercion, the payment of economic guarantee, impediment and periodic presentation to the former Major League player, Octavio Dotel, Roberto José Cáceres José, Bishop Féliz Lorenzo and Johani Paniagua Peña, was also imposed.

While Yadher Rafael Jáquez Araujo, whom the authorities pointed out as the head of escort for César El Abusador, was favored with pure and simple freedom.

To the former Major League player and Ana Gregoria Pérez Then, the Public Ministry gave up the arrest warrant.

Two of those requested in extradition by the United States to be tried for drug trafficking have voluntarily agreed to leave to face the charges. This is Baltazar Mesa, aka Baltazar or El Maestro; José Jesús Tapia Pérez, aka Black Ball.

The extradition process is pending against Sergio Gómez Díaz and Jeifry del Rosario Gautier, who is being held for other drug charges.

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