Citizenship show: before leaving, protesters picked up the garbage in the Plaza de la Bandera

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – Before leaving the protests, the protesters collect every trash thrown in front of the Plaza de la Bandera, a rare gesture in calls of this kind.

One of those that promotes this action is the urban artist is Melymel, who for the third night in a row has said present in the call in front of the Central Electoral Board (JCE). When he finishes, he picks up each boat of water and garbage thrown into the grass or pavement.

Social organizations, public figures like and other urban, such as Mandrake, Nipo, Ceky Vicini and Tivi Gunz, Lyric in the House have joined the slogans, which cause long plugs in the avenues February 27 and Gregorio Luperón.

The call on Wednesday brought together thousands of people, who demanded in one voice the resignation of the members of the plenary and their alternates.

The demonstration was scheduled for 3:00 in the afternoon and since then people began to arrive. At first, there were only a few, but at dusk and evening, more and more people arrived with different posters and other methods to protest, such as drums, güira, casseroles and trumpets.

Already at 5:00, protesters brought a coffin, black, and had written in capital DEMOCRACY, as a kind of analogy to the consequence of what happened on Sunday.

This Wednesday there were more people in the protest in front of the Board, after they threw tear gas bombs. The National Police broke away from what happened and said that the artifacts were thrown by “strangers” and that they will investigate the incident.

Members will reach the end

Faced with that request, the president of the Board, Julio César Castaño Guzmán, reiterated that the plenary will not hand over his posts, and that he will assume his duties responsibly.

“I’ve heard other voices:‘ quit, get out of there. ” That is also the easiest and most despicable and miserable too, because that is a way of not taking responsibility. The way out of here is with political judgment for serious offense. And whoever feels that they have to push it forward to go to the Chamber of Deputies and proceed, and quickly, ”said Castaño Guzmán during the meeting with the delegates of the political parties.

Later, he added “I assure you that the shame that has passed this institution, its employees, its officials and its Plenary, that we have spent Sunday here receiving condolences, as if someone had died”

Likewise, incumbent Roberto Saladín Selin defended his position and said that at 83 “I will not end my life with a resignation.”

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