Consul in NY says there would be a competitor behind the campaign against tourism in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican general consul in New York city, Carlos A. Castillo, said Tuesday that behind the international campaign to discredit tourism in the Dominican Republic, there would be a market competitor that is being affected by the visits of millions of tourists, mostly Americans. .

He added that in the Caribbean country, the Government is working on measures to guarantee the safety of tourists staying in hotels and resorts.

“There is a campaign, because some market has been affecting,” Castillo said last night in an interview with Univision channel 41 news.

He noted that the Dominican Republic is the preferred destination for American tourists.

Castillo, made the statements while the tourist of Detroit, Alexander Jones (AJ), reported that he returned from the Dominican Republic with a rare disease and in critical condition, after spending nine days in Puerto Plata and Santiago de los Caballeros, returning in state critical, so he had to be admitted to the Harper hospital in Detroit for four days in intensive care.

Jones, who told Detroit’s WDIV that he loved the Dominican Republic, where he vacationed every year and was not afraid to return, despite news of deaths and illnesses, called on Americans not to travel anymore.

He said he thinks he got sick in Santiago, although he did not specify in which hotel or resort he stayed in that city.

He explained that doctors have not been able to determine the origin of the “rare” disease with which he arrived in the United States, but only saw darkness and could not stand.

“I would get up and fall again,” he told WDIV.

“My doctors said something happened there and it had its effect,” he said.

Jones has recovered from the mysterious illness, but is warning others not to go to the Dominican Republic.

“Do not go, no … it’s your life, it was very close to death,” Jones said.

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