Danilo Medina announces will not opt for a new presidential term

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – President Danilo Medina announced tonight that he will not opt ​​for a new presidential term for the elections of the year 2020, attending to the preservation of the norms and principles that “transcends the work of a man or government that, no matter how much he loves his homeland, it is necessary to preserve ”.

In an address to the country broadcast at 9:00 at night from Channel 4 as a parent broadcaster, Medina explained that he adopted the decision despite receiving broad support from senior leaders of the majority sector of the PLD, various sectors of society, as well as ordinary people who expressed it to him.

“This Dominican lover of his country has carried out concrete and palpable actions for the nation. No one can stand as an expression of his people if the same people do not choose it. No one can invent a leadership if a good part of their fellow citizens does not grant them, ”he said.

He argued that all the expressions of support led him to evaluate at some point the possibility of opting for a new presidential term, always within the framework of respect for the law, however “I strongly believe that no matter how much he loves to serve our country since the Presidency of the Republic, no matter how much you wish to continue working for the Dominican people, there are rules and principles that transcend the work of a man, of a government and it is our responsibility to preserve them. ”

The head of state took the opportunity to thank the members of the Political Committee, senators, members of allied parties, leaders and all the people who showed him their support for their aspirations.

In the development of his speech, Medina complained that although he did not talk about this issue since he began his period of government in 2012, nor did he show any interest in becoming a presidential candidate again, they started different discredit campaign starring a minority sector of the PLD, in reference to the head of former president Leonel Fernández.

“These campaigns had the sole objective of undermining the popular support that our management has and avoiding any competition for the political project that was trying to impose a minority sector of the Dominican Liberation Party,” he said.

He said that given this situation, and with the aim of appeasing the scenario and allowing for normal institutional functioning, he asked senior leaders José Ramón Peralta, Felucho Jiménez and Gustavo Montalvo to reiterate their decision not to stand for the 2020 elections.

He pointed out that the message that was transmitted at that time was that the main concern of the administration was to advance in the management of its government, as well as to create the environment conducive to the emergence of new leadership in the party, to give continuity to the progress of the country .

He noted that for these purposes, he led through a meeting with about seven leaders of the PLD who had shown aspirations, in order to encourage them to show their candidacies to show the country that this organization has new faces capable of renewing political activity.

However, he pointed out that even with all these announcements, “verbal aggression, far from diminishing, increased in a ruthless, disrespectful and inconsiderate manner.” He added that in this situation, the Political Committee expressed its majority support, aware that this campaign against him and the government he directs was unjustified.

At the end of the mandate. He added that he will continue to be faithful to the trust that the Dominican people have placed in him, as was always his wish expressed years ago.

“I told them: when I finish my work as president, the only capital I want to keep is people’s trust and respect, and I reiterate it today. When I reach the end of my second term and I said the presidency of the Republic, I want to be able to take to the streets to walk like a citizen, ”he said

He cited that the country will begin a new electoral process that also contemplates challenges, so from his position as President of the Republic he called the current political leadership with responsibility and transparency to advance in the consolidation of the institutions.

He hoped that a clean, proposed campaign will be witnessed, focused on bringing “new blood to the Dominicans.” “I call on business and social leaders to maintain confidence in the country to continue the climate of stability,” he said.

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