David Ortiz will pay thousands of dollars to former police commissioner in Boston to investigate attempted murder

NEW YORK. – Former Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz will pay thousands of dollars for a contract granted to former police commissioner in that city, Ed Davis, to take charge of investigating the cell phone and who or who tried Kill him in the Dominican Republic.

Massachusetts media, such as the Boston Globe newspaper and the CBS Boston television channel, said Ortiz has not yet spoken publicly about the bullet that pierced part of his intestinal organs, but that Dominican authorities have said he was not the target of the hitman, but his friend the businessman Sixto David Fernández, who accompanied him at the same table of the Dial Bar and Lounge, on June 9.

The media say that with the hiring of Davis, Ortiz, he joins the massive doubts about the investigation of the authorities of his country, which did not convince the majority, while fans and Dominicans in general, continue to believe that the target of the shot was Ortiz.

Ortiz spokesman Joe Baerlein told the Boston Globe that Davis’s hiring is to get a more complete picture of the ongoing investigation.

“He is very interested in discovering what really happened,” the spokesperson said, noting that Ortiz is not yet completely convinced that he was shot in an apparent case of mistaken identity.

“David has been carefully monitoring the government and police investigation,” Baerlein added. “It has no basis for a long time to challenge his theory of the wrong identity. However, as new facts emerge, it gives some optimism that there may be other conclusions drawn before he ends on why they shot David. ”

Baerlein said the new events, such as the reconsideration of the Government to imprison one of the 14 suspects arrested and the discovery of an international drug trafficking network based in Santo Domingo last week, may provide additional avenues for a team of private investigators. track.

“We are open to these new facts that may shed more light on exactly what the reason was for David to be shot,” Baerlein told the Globe. “Maybe something appears. Stay tuned.”

Ortiz initially hired Davis for security after being admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was discharged late last month after three surgeries to repair his liver, intestines and gallbladder, which doctors withdrew.

“He’s a lucky guy, and he knows it,” Baerlein told the newspaper.

But exactly who wanted to kill Ortiz remains a mystery to him almost three months later, the spokesman said.

“He has no enemies on that island,” Baerlein said, citing the former Major League slugger.

Ortiz has not discussed the shooting with the Dominican authorities since he was hospitalized, but received calls from President Danilo Medina and Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez Sánchez. The talks focused solely on the health of the baseball icon, Baerlein said.

The colonel of the Dominican National Police, Frank Félix Duran Mejía, said that only 15 to 20 percent of the evidence in the case has been made public due to the judicial process in the country.

Police accuse Víctor Hugo Gómez Vásquez of ordering the murder against his cousin, Sixto David Fernández, on the belief that Fernández had made fun of him in connection with a drug case in 2011. Fernández was with Ortiz the night he they shot.

An additional suspect, Luis Alfredo Rivas Class, also known as “The Surgeon,” continues to flee, the Globe reported.

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