Depressive father blessed his daughter before launching with her to the New York Metro

NEW YORK. – “There comes the train, it is already arriving. There comes the train, God bless you ‘… And he threw himself away ”, a witness told NY1 Noticias recalling yesterday’s agonizing moment, when Fernando Balbuena (45) threw himself into the Metro at Kingsbridge Road station in the Bronx, with his Girl in arms.

The small 5-year-old Ferni Balbuena could be rescued by two passengers by being right in the gap between the wagon of line 4 and the railway, in the open air. With his school bag on his back, he suffered minor injuries and returned home yesterday.

But his father was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ferni “It’s alright … Thank God,” Niurka Caraballo (41), crying to New York Post, while the family prepared to leave the Jacobi Medical Center on Monday afternoon.

The cops gave toys to the girl, including a “The Little Mermaid” doll almost as tall as she, and a NYPD baseball cap, putting a smile on her face hours after miraculously surviving her suicide father’s attempted murder.

“I heard him say to the wife:‘ Take care of the other two children, I will take her to school. ” Then he said, “I love you,” another witness told ABC News.

The wife “could not understand what he was saying. It didn’t make sense (…) But he had the feeling that something was very, very bad, ”said Luis Sánchez, a compadre of the Balbuena Caraballo couple, when recounting that call.

“He felt something was wrong, so he ran” to the station, located less than half a mile from the family’s home. But when he got there, the tragedy and the miracle had already happened.

Sanchez later said that Balbuena was fighting depression, but still his terrible final act surprised everyone.

“He was a good husband, a good father, a good provider and a good man,” Caraballo said later through a translator. “I had no idea,” he added.

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