Doble T y El Crok “Los Pepe” lost their fortunes in bad business

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – The urban exponent “El Crok“, from the duo “Los Pepes“, revealed that he lost his fortune by venturing into businesses of which they had no knowledge.

Double T for example at one time put banks and did not know banking, he lost about four million pesos. I set up some businesses that better keep me, I will not talk about that, I also lost about three million pesos, “he confessed in an interview on the program” El Choque de las 8 “, of KQ-94.5 FM.

He also said that one of the reasons why they did not continue with the punch that they had at the beginning of their career was because they stayed behind musically. “We launched songs that did not connect with the audience.”

He also stressed that the colors that had their themes were outdated for what the public wanted time after his punch and what was happening in the urban music industry was another reality.

Another reason was the time they took to record a song, so he stated that in this new facet of his solo career he will release his songs more often, just as he already knows how the business is now and what he needs. to return to popular taste.

Michael Valdez de la Rosa, the drummer’s first name, also spoke about the separation after 15 years with his partner Doble T, with whom he beat a decade ago the song “Pepe“, with which these young people revolutionized the genre when they had only 17 years old.

According to his statements, they had already agreed to that before the month of December but El Alfa announced that he was going to collaborate with the duo as a farewell. Hence the theme “Jalapeño remix” that has more than five million views. The Crok recently released the song “No Money”.

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