Dominican actress who came to the US illegally starring series on children of Mexicans deported

New York.Dominican actress of Venezuelan origin, Emily Tosta, who arrived illegally in the United States, along with her mother when she was 12 years old, stars in the new version of the 90’s series “Party of Five” (Fiesta de Cinco) ), based on the true story of five Mexican brothers, whose parents were deported to Mexico and will be released in January 2020.

Tosta, settled in Miami (Florida), being a teenager and lived illegally in the United States, until the doors of the “American Dream”, which she says she is achieving, opened the doors of success, especially due to her exceptional histrionic conditions.

During the opening on Saturday of the famous Tribeca Film Festival in Lower Manhattan, where she was talking about the film in a Free Form, a kind of film forum, she said she is proud to expose her own experience as an undocumented woman in the States .

It embodies the character of the Mexican Lucia Acosta, and explained that she emigrated from the Dominican Republic, at 12 years of age.

“I have my own immigration history and the situation I had to deal with,” said the 21-year-old Dominican actress.

“My mother and I came here (United States) without legal status, and we didn’t even know the language. We emigrated to achieve the American dream, “he added.

The new version of the series of the 90s, which will be released in January, tells the story of five brothers whose parents are deported to Mexico and must unite and help raise each other.

“We always try to stay informed, the cast and crew,” he said. Toast

“We constantly send news articles about the horrible things that are happening in the world at this time with the separated families and all those that happen in this country with the current very defective immigration system. We try to talk with families, we try to read the news and stay educated and informed as much as possible, “said the actress.

He said that as an immigrant, growing up in the United States was a struggle, both in life and in the entertainment industry, although he believes it is improving.

“The industry is evolving and becoming more receptive and portraying these characters that must be portrayed because when I was little, I wanted to see someone like me on television,” he said. “It’s good that it’s being done now.”

Tosta began her career as a model of print magazines, in commercials and catwalks, as well as commercial, theatrical and television actress who had a leading role in the United Families and a role as guest star in The Last Ship of the TNT chain

She was six years old when she began her career in entertainment, after modeling for the magazine “A La Moda” published in the Dominican Republic. He began acting at age 8, with a leading role in the musical “The Pied Piper of Hamelin.”

He acted in his first professional role in the famous Times Square play “Annie: The Musical.”

He has television credits in several Latin programs and has been a guest star on “Dama Y Obrero” of the Telemundo network.

He was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

She began a relationship with the renowned New Jersey actor, Crawford Collins in 2016 and separated shortly after.

She appeared in the blockbuster “The Last Ship,” (The Last Boat), a show produced by successful film director Michael Bay.

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