Dominican deported in 2016 charged with murder of ex-wife whose body was found rotten in apartment

NEW YORK. Prosecutors in El Bronx accused Dominican Luis Severino, who is not the Los Yankees pitcher, on Tuesday for the murder of his ex-wife Cindy Olivo, who was killed by multiple stabs in an apartment in the Bronx, leaving that the body rot there for a month.

Severino, 49, who fled to Florida after the homicide, where he was captured and extradited to New York, was deported on October 18, 2016, after serving a sentence for theft of a credit card.

He is charged with charges of murder, criminal possession of a weapon and escape, after killing Olivo, 33, in his apartment in the Fordham Heights neighborhood of The Bronx in June.

Police found the body of the woman so broken on July 12, that identification became difficult in the Office of the Forensic Doctor and after the neighbors complained of a foul odor.

At first, the authorities thought that Olivo had died from a drug overdose.

But the autopsy proved otherwise, revealing two stabs on each side of his neck, police said.

Olivo’s relatives said in July that she began dating Severino two years before he murdered her, began using drugs and moved away from her relatives.

“It was very strange, very strange, always distant, I was always very isolated in a corner. But we did not give importance to that, we were happy that he was here,” said his sister, Ana Javier. Severino never contacted Cindy’s family after his death to find out what had happened to her, the sister explained.

The defendant was arrested in Florida on August 14 on a charge of illegal re-entry of deported immigrants, according to federal court and police documents.

In 2006, he served a sentence in a state jail for a case of credit card theft, in March 2014, he was convicted of drug possession with the intention of trafficking them in Manhattan and sentenced to 42 months.

After serving his sentence he was repatriated to the Dominican Republic.

Severino, who also used the fake names of Louis Santana, Julio Torres and Luis Manuel Severino Colón, returned to the United States, and appeared in the Bronx, federal prosecutors said.

The NYPD informed ICE on July 26 that it was being investigated for a crime on June 15.

On Tuesday he was instructed in the Supreme State Court of El Bronx and re-held in a federal jail.

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