Dominican family cries daughter’s death murdered by her husband in New Jersey

NEW JERSEY. – After three years of a seemingly trouble-free relationship without childbearing, the 49-year-old Dominican Alejo Batista murdered his wife, Estefani Hernández, 31, and then hanged himself in the same room where he killed his partner who had graduated as a nurse and worked as a decorator in Paterson (New Jersey), yesterday Sunday early in the morning.

She was a native of the Mirabal Sisters province (Salcedo) in the Central Cibao of the Dominican Republic.

The mother of the dead, Mrs. Enlightened Ramirez, narrated broken by the pain, that her daughter had separated from Alejo and slept with her while the man stayed in the room they shared.

Ramírez said that the man repeated that he did not kill Estefani because he appreciated his parents, but apparently, he had “his own thing” inside and anyway, he consumed the crime.

“If we had not believed him, he would have taken her to another state, he said he would not kill him, but he did,” added the shattered mother.

Investigators said that when the mother saw that it was after 9:00 in the morning and her daughter or Alejo left the room, she decided to enter to find the macabre scene: her daughter on the floor stabbed to death and the man hanging of a beam.

Police arrived at the scene at 9:30 in the morning, declaring Alejo and Estefani dead instead.

The coroner certified that the couple had been dead for 12 hours and that the suicide murder occurred at approximately 9:00 on Saturday night.

The family has been emigrating from the Dominican Republic to the United States for 11 years and the victim had brought a son from Alejo, who was in the process of becoming legalized.

The suicide murder has shocked the Dominican community in Paterson, while Estefani’s parents prepared their funerals in New Jersey and then buried her in the Dominican Republic.

The incident occurred in house 263 of East 16th Street in Paterson, where the couple lived with the woman’s close relatives.

A statement from the Passaic County prosecutor’s office in New Jersey says that Batista stabbed Hernandez before taking his own life.

Estefani’s mother said she called the police after discovering the bodies when she entered the couple’s room.

“I saw him hanging when I opened the door in half,” Ramirez said of Batista’s body, adding that his daughter was on the floor.

He pointed out that the couple had some problems, and that their daughter trusted Alejo, but in general, they had a good relationship.

“I didn’t think I was going to do that,” he added, referring to Batista.

Estefani’s father, Cristian Hernández, said the family will take his daughter’s remains to the Dominican Republic.

“I saw them well, a normal relationship,” said the father. “The problem is that each relationship has its problem but he swallowed it alone and this is the consequence.”

He added that he always saw the relationship without apparent conflicts, “but all couples begin to have problems.”

“She was very pretty. She worked very hard,” Ramirez said of her daughter. “She took care of me, who will do it now? This hurts. Oh God, what a pain I am feeling!”

The couple met in New Jersey.

“She was my guide, my everything, my mind, my everything, what I’m going to do in this country alone,” the mother added.

“They had problems and told him I didn’t kill you because what do I know what, we trust as that was to say, but he did it,” said Mrs. Ramírez.

“That’s the pain I have today, she was calm, that’s their room and she left it to him and slept with me,” he added.

With three years of marriage, the couple had no children. They tell us that he was a construction worker and she became a nurse but worked in other decoration work.

“I asked God to take me and not one of my children,” said the mother.

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