Dominican guilty of three firefighters killed in arson in Delaware will be sentenced to 17 years in jail

NEW YORK. – Dominican Beatriz Faña Ruiz, 30 years old and a native of Moca (Espaillat province), who pleaded guilty a few days ago to murder after the deaths of three firefighters (two men and one woman), when she set her on fire The house he shared with his father, who is the owner and other relatives in the Wilmington suburb in September 2016, will be sentenced to 17 years in jail in December and then deported to the Dominican Republic, when he is serving his sentence.

The dead firefighters are Lt. Christopher Leach and senior firefighter Jerry Fickes, while the Ardythe Hope firefighter was seriously injured, was hospitalized in critical condition and died weeks later from burns.

Faña Ruiz pleaded guilty to a charge of murder, arson and second degree assault.

The conviction, based on an agreement of his defense lawyer with the prosecutors, is considered benevolent by the relatives of the dead firefighters, who question the weakness of the judicial system, but the mayor of Wilmington responded that the city has paid more than $ 11 millions of dollars in compensation and medical bills to the victims’ debts.

Originally, she was charged with six counts of first-degree murder, which entails a mandatory life sentence, assault, three counts of premeditated fire and nine counts of reckless conduct.

Faña Ruíz’s lawyers submitted a motion days after a judge established restrictions on expert testimony about whether a confession Faña Ruiz gave to investigators was false or coerced.

The judge also pointed out in his ruling that there was no basis to conclude that the authorities violated Miranda’s rights of the mocan woman, who state that the police must inform the arrested that they are entitled to a lawyer and can remain silent, because anything Whatever they say, it can be used against you.

A fourth firefighter was also injured.

Faña Ruiz is the daughter of the owner of the house and was there temporarily residing when it caused the fire.

Attorney General Kathleen Jennings’ office said in a statement that officials met with the families of the victims before the agreement with Faña Ruiz.

“While his motivation to light the fire was a reaction to his living conditions and he did not intend to physically harm anyone, his actions were reckless, dangerous and tragically fatal,” the statement said.

Authorities said the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Police (ICE) filed an arrest warrant against Faña Ruiz, seeking deportation to the Dominican Republic, when he is serving his sentence.

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