Dominican man lost his life while trying to reconnect with his daughter in the US

Reencounter with her 11-year-old daughter, it was what led Wilson Reynoso Vega to start a journey that would cost him his life. The Dominican flew last month from Santo Domingo to Toronto, Canada, to start his journey to the border between Quebec and New York, to get to Philadelphia, where the girl lived with her mother.

His friends and acquaintances tell of the close relationship that existed between the 32-year-old boy and his daughter, which, despite the distance, never diminished. “He talked to her often and kept in touch with her through regular video chats. Sometimes he mixed his image with the photos he published of himself on Facebook, as if the two were already together. ”

To make his dream come true, and to be able to take real photos with his little girl, the young man allegedly paid a smuggler to help him enter the United States.

But things did not go as planned, and Reynoso could not achieve his goal. According to Canadian authorities, on his journey to the border with New York, the Dominican was disoriented in the cold, dark and swampy forests of that country and drowned.


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