Dominican man racer surrenders to SWAT taking shield baby after armed robbery

USA. The 19-year-old Ivan Andújar, who was accompanied by his 17-year-old brother and was surrounded by SWAT team policemen, on Tuesday morning in the Rockland town of Massachusetts, took his baby as a human shield. to keep the agents who surrounded him in anger, but then he surrendered even with the child in his hands.

Rockland police had to call the SWAT to reinforce their officers who had Andújar and his brother surrounded, inside a house they entered, and where apparently they took the baby, barricading themselves in the house and resisting.

After the SWATs, surrounded the entire perimeter and several blocks around the house on Church Street, and negotiated the delivery, Andújar stepped double, while holding the baby with one hand and raised the other, as a sign that He was surrendering.

Police said no one was injured during the barricade, while Andújar and his brother, who is not identified due to the age of 17, were arrested and taken to the uniformed headquarters.

The incident began at 3:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday after Andújar committed an armed robbery on Howard Street in Rockland.

Police said Andújar held a gun before escaping the scene of the robbery.

He entered the apartment on the third floor of a three-story house on Church Street. The police say that it was believed that Andújar’s brother was already inside.

The SWAT team was called to the scene to help the situation on the barricade.

The police evacuated the first and second floor of the house and sent a call back to 911 to residents of the area, asking them to stay inside their homes and away from the windows.

Once the SWAT team arrived, Andújar and his brother surrendered.

Rockland police announced on their twitter account that the shelter order in place was lifted and that the area was insured, so that people could leave. “The suspects are in custody and we would like to thank the public for their understanding during this incident,” said the police account (@ RPD02370) on twitter, dated May 14, 2019.

The SWATs moved to a multi-family house near the scene, to arrest the two suspects.

Hours after a driver was intercepted and docked at gunpoint in a Rockland neighborhood, Andújar surrendered to the SWAT.

“The first suspect came out with a baby,” said the Rockland police chief. “We knew there was a baby and younger children in the house, we were cautious and aware of that.”

Dozens of police arrived at the house to arrest Andújar and his brother.

The windows of the multifamily housing that were surrounded, became the focus of a Drone (drone) used by the police to monitor the movement of the two brothers and young children who were also inside.

“This is what we have evolved with technology and equipment,” said the police chief. “Drone up, look through the window, technology allowed us to stop everything, see that there were children in the house and make sure that no one on either side was hurt,” the police chief explained.

The police only accused Andújar, but investigators suspect that the brothers could be involved in a similar robbery that involved a driver in the same neighborhood earlier this month.

Police are waiting for a search warrant to search for the weapon that was used in the robbery on Tuesday.

That victim was robbed of $ 40 dollars, a cell phone, a wallet and a backpack, the police reported.

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