Dominican mother who lost daughter on 9/11: “This pain does not calm down”

Amid the solemn acts for the anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers 18 years ago, he tells what it is like to survive without his daughter Marlyn García, one of the 2,753 fatalities

NEW YORK. – Marlyn del Carmen García, a 21-year-old girl of Dominican origin, had four months to graduate from International Law at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan. She was an outstanding student, who longed to fight for justice. That morning of September 11, 2001, he did not have to go so early to the North Tower of the World Trade Center, but fatally his life was extinguished by the onslaught of American Airlines flight 11 that struck at 8:46 am, in the First skyscraper that was targeted by the terrorist attack 18 years ago.

“I always got up to prepare breakfast for him. She didn’t like to eat in the street. He went to his office on the 100th floor that morning to look for something at the insurance company where he worked. She was not supposed to go so early, ”said Karmen Garcia, Marlyn’s mother, who said that during these 18 years she has attended without fail, as she did this Wednesday, to the commemorative event for the anniversary of the attacks, in which 2,753 fatalities are remembered.

Since the end of 2001, a few months after the bloodiest terrorist attack in the history of the United States, this family of immigrants from Québec decided to move from their apartment in Brooklyn to southwest Florida. There they try to rebuild their lives, and at least three times a year they visit Lower Manhattan, to honor Marlyn’s memory.

“I have never stopped coming on September 11 here. I left, because I breathed my daughter everywhere. If I had not left the place, I do not think I was in this world, ”said the mother.

I knew my daughter was there
That terrible morning, and at about 9:20 a.m., coworkers called Karmen to ask him about his daughter. It was thunderous news in the world, that in the Twin Towers of the Big Apple, something very serious was happening. The first version: a plane crash.

“A friend of her called me and told me that if I was watching TV, because something was happening where Marlyn worked. When I saw that disaster. Everything paralyzed in me. I felt immediately that my daughter was no longer here, ”he said.

Precisely at the edge of 10:28 am, the first tower collapsed where an aircraft had hit between the 93 and 99 floor. There, on the 100th floor, at the offices of Marsh & McLennan, was the law student, in a space of immense windows, from where I saw a wonderful future for her and her family.

The intuition of his mother before that pandemonium, which reviewed live the New York media, led her to confirm internally, the worst: “My daughter died!” He shouted.

The minutes, hours, days passed, and indeed, the young woman who had won the Minerva Award received by outstanding students, who aspired to work at the United Nations, who wanted to live in a more comfortable house with her whole family, Unfortunately, she was counted as one of the victims of a terrorist attack that continues to move the world.

Rubbing pain and optimism, the mother says that “that emptiness does not calm down. Today we live in a bigger house, with a huge dining room, where she dreamed to sit with the whole family. And there he has his space, he has his chair, ”he said.

“We hoped that fate was another”
For her part, Marlyn’s aunt, Julia Castro is still residing in New York. He has closely accompanied the crucis route that his family has had to go through, losing one of its members, “in the midst of madness that we do not yet understand.”

“I still live in lower Manhattan. That day that seems distant, but we have it very close, my husband let me know and I ran to the TV to watch the news. I reached to see when the second plane crashed. I ran to get my children to school. I lived terror very closely with people. ”

Julia in the middle of the rumors, about what was really happening in the Big Apple, and what it meant that another plane (United Airlines Flight 175) had crashed into the other South Tower, at the end of that afternoon, had to face that possibly his niece had been one of the victims.

“Until the last minute one expected the destiny to be another. That maybe she was somewhere else and couldn’t communicate. But it wasn’t like that, ”he said.

At Long Island University, a special scholarship awarded to outstanding students, is named after Marlyn del Carmen García, who would be 39 today.

Almost two decades later, when on Wednesday Karmen was in Lower Manhattan to attend the solemn commemoration events, where year after year they mention her daughter’s name, the mother revealed that “this time I did not have the energy to enter the Museum. I worry about the lack of sensitivity. This year I saw everything very empty, ”he said.

At this year’s commemoration ceremony, at 9/11 Memorial, the names of 2,983 people were remembered altogether: the victims who died in an accident in Shanksville, Pennsylvania; in the Pentagon; and in the World Trade Center. The six victims of the first World Trade Center attack were also honored on February 26, 1993.

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