Dominican narco and former DEA agent trafficked 5,000 kilos of cocaine from the DR and face 20 years in jail

NEW YORK. – Dominican drug dealer José Martínez Díaz and former Puerto Rican special agent Fernando Gomez will be sentenced on November 21 of this year by federal judge Jesse Furman, after the former pleaded guilty to trafficking 5,000 kilos of cocaine from the Dominican Republic to the United States, via Puerto Rico, having as main accomplice the federal who gave him information and protected him, from what he pleaded guilty.

Both face up to 20 years in jail for multiple violations of federal anti-drug laws that include international smuggling of narcotics and controlled substances.

The two were part of the so-called United Drug Traffickers Organization, whose members specialize in killing their rivals.

The authorities allege that Gomez, rather infiltrated the DEA to facilitate Diaz the operations that involved the thousands of kilos of the drug sent from the Dominican Republic.

Gomez was as a DEA agent since 2011, until he was arrested in 2018 and charged with the charges.

Martínez Díaz admitted the accusations in July this year and the former federal agent in August, according to a statement from the federal district office of the South district based in Manhattan, but the details had not been disclosed until a few days ago.

Gomez was assigned to the DEA office in Chicago.

Gomez’s lawyer has refused to speak with the media regarding the accusations and the sentence.

Gomez also sold firearms to Martínez Díaz, who prosecutors say was a high-end drug trafficker with a bonnet rank, while the former agent worked as a federal outside Chicago.

Díaz admitted that he used speedboats to cross cocaine from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico through the La Mona Canal, managing to evade the hermetic vigilance of the US Coast Guard on that strip of the Caribbean Sea.

Investigators in the United States are still trying to establish if he had military accomplices in the Dominican Republic, which possibly facilitated him to transport the drug.

Prosecutors said Diaz was the one who motivated Gomez to join the DEA to strengthen the drug trafficking organization.

The former agent, according to the file, lied in the job application to the DEA saying he never had ties to criminals.

From Chicago, Gomez helped Martínez Díaz evade the authorities and entered the DEA records in search of the data of a man, who he believed was a federal informant against the drug gang.

Gomez also admitted that he was one of the main collectors of dirty drug money for Diaz, knowing that it came from illegal means.

“The special agent of the DEA, Fernando Gómez, violated the laws he swore to enforce,” Federal District Attorney South Geoffrey Berman said in the statement.

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