Dominican photographer and US rappers will be prosecuted in Sweden for assault on Afghan immigrants

NEW YORK. Dominican photographer Bladimir Corniel, a resident of The Bronx and American rappers Rakim Mayers (ASAP Rocky) and David Rispers Junior, will be prosecuted on Tuesday at the Stockholm Criminal Court in Sweden, after yesterday the three were formally charged for assault and aggravated aggression against two Afghan immigrants, who the video shows, persecuted, harassed and provoked the violent incident.

Corniel, is Rocky’s official photographer and was in Sweden, doing his job, when he had to get involved in the fight, also to defend himself.

Dominican congressman Adriano Espaillat, who is leading an international campaign for the release of the trio, said last night in an interview with this reporter that he deplored the accusations and described the imprisonment of the three detainees as unfair.

He added that the videos spread around the world, show Afghans chasing and harassing Rocky, Corniel and Rispers, and one of the backs of Harlem’s rapper, gently puts a hand on the shoulder of one of the provocateurs, asking him to leave them alone and do not pursue them anymore.

In one of the images, it is seen when the back guard, leads the Afghans to a corner, which are then returned.

The main attacker of the trio of artists was exempted from charges by the Stockholm prosecutor, after there was a counter charge against him.

“They were persecuted and provoked, but now they are supposedly responsible for the attack on Afghans,” said Espaillat, who remains in communication with Bladimir’s mother and relatives of Rocky and Rispers.

The prisoners denounced the week that they were confined in a low-level prison, in subhuman conditions, so the Swedish authorities decided to transfer them to another prison, whose images show the second penitentiary as a five-star hotel.

One of the Afghans is identified as Mustafa Jafari, 19, who is a refugee resident in Sweden.

“The accusations are worrisome, since the people who watch the video understand that they were the victims and tried at all times to avoid confrontation, but four blocks were followed,” Espaillat said.

The prosecutor dismissed the charges against Mustafa, which has a criminal record.

“The trial begins on Tuesday and by Thursday we will know the results, hoping they can be released and return to their homes here,” the congressman added.

“They are still in cells where they have to stay 20 hours a day,” he said.

Espaillat said he has also spoken with the Swedish ambassador to the United States, the undersecretary of state assigned to the case and the model Kim Kardashian, who is involved in the campaign.

Espaillat confirmed that in Sweden there is no bail and he does not know if the trials are held with juries. “But they were able to free them under their own words and remove their passports, because at least Rocky and Rispers are famous figures that are not going to disappear.”

“I hope that for the reason that they were persecuted, harassed and cornered, that the judge take that into consideration and that it is a trial that does not harm them,” Espaillat added.

Rocky was accused of aggravated assault that caused real bodily harm in the June 30 lawsuit in central Stockholm, Swedish prosecutors said in a statement, culminating weeks of speculation about how the country would handle a street fight that was captured on camera .

If the punishment for Rocky is found guilty, it could include a fine based on his daily earnings or a maximum of two years in prison, said Annika Collin, a spokeswoman for the Swedish Prosecution Authority.

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