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Dominican police wounded in the Bronx barracks leaves the hospital and is cheered as a hero by dozens of police and civilians

NEW YORK. –  The Dominican Lieutenant of the New York police, José Gautreaux, was cheered and received as a hero when leaving Monday, Monday afternoon at Lincoln Hospital, after being shot by a deranged man who entered the 41st barracks in the Bronx , where the officer works, and shot him in the arm.

Gautreaux, it seems that he took the attack as if nothing had happened and when Mayor Bill de Blasio visited him in his bed, the first thing he asked was that who will fix his tattoos damaged by the bullet.

The lieutenant has both virtually sealed arms of ink drawings, from elbows to shoulders.

The tattoos were well made by the artist, what Gautreaux considers a work of art.

To the astonishment of all his superiors, colleagues and the mayor himself, the lieutenant seemed to care more about tattoos than his life.

“He just tried to lighten the moment,” said Lou Turco, president of the Benevolent Association of Lieutenants, the union that groups cops with that rank, as well as another organization that groups sergeants.

Gautreaux, who is not married, left the hospital with a healthy arm raised as a sign of victory chanted by the long applause and cheers of dozens of police officers, accompanied by his father and other relatives.

He is a 15-year veteran in the uniform, and the bullet hit him in the upper left arm when 45-year-old career criminal Robert Williams opened fire inside the barracks Sunday at 8:00 a.m. morning.

The attack that wounded him came less than 12 hours after Williams shot and wounded another policeman while the officer sat with his partner inside a van of the uniformed uniformed one block from the precinct on Saturday night.

Williams gave up throwing his 9mm “SIG Sauer” pistol in and then threw himself face down on the floor when the bullets ran out.

Dominican commander Fausto Pichardo, chief of patrol officers of the New York police, who was among the 100 police officers who waited for Gautreaux at the exit of the hospital, said thank God, “he could stand up from that chair and get out gracefully , so it’s a good day for the City’s Police Department.

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