Dominican remains in critical condition after being run over after jumping a taxi Uber in Boston tunnel

NEW YORK. –  The 29-year-old Dominican Roselangie Canó remains in critical condition after being hit by the driver of a vehicle after launching on the pavement in the Thomas P. O’Neill Junior tunnel in Boston, Monday at the Tomorrow from a taxi from Uber and Lyft, which was driven by Dominican taxi driver Luz Ayala.

Boston police said Canó was seriously admitted to the Tufts Medical Center, where he is stable, although still in intensive care.

Leonardo Canó, brother of the young woman told local media in Massachusetts, that she underwent surgery yesterday from which she is recovering and the family is hoping she will overcome the crisis.

He said he did not know that his sister was suffering from an apparent emotional or depressive problem, because everything in his behavior seemed normal, but he suffered from panic attacks.

Police reported that Roselangie could not communicate with her relatives due to the seriousness of her injuries and that the driver who ran over her remained on the scene until the arrival of police and paramedics to the tunnel, and was not arrested.

“He rose from nowhere,” said the brother. “She has been as stable, it works. She has no children. ”

He said the act is inexplicable and misplaced.

“We knew he was having some panic attacks, things, but other than that there was nothing out of the ordinary that could be seen day by day,” the brother added.

One version says Roselangie was heading to Boston’s Logan airport to travel outside that state, but it has not been specified whether it was abroad or within the United States.

Police said she handed the passport to the investigators.

“He was traveling yesterday (Monday) and received erroneous information about the time of the flight. Then he decided to return here, ”he said.

His family hopes that after recovering Roselangie can explain what happened.

“I hope he recovers completely. The expectations are good in the hospital, “said the brother.

Ayala explained that she picked up Roselangie even though she didn’t have Uber’s application because she seemed desperate to get home.

The ongoing investigation has not clarified whether he tried to commit suicide by throwing himself into the tunnel via the taxi or was just impulse.


Ayala, who is a taxi driver for Uber and Lyft, two application transport companies, told the WBZ television channel that the passenger seemed distressed to get into the car at the airport.

His accounts with Uber and Lyft have been frozen while the police investigate.

According to Ayala, Roselangie knocked on the window on the side of the guide to stop the taxi, and seemed desperate to get home.

“I feel traumatized,” said Ayala. “I’ve never been through something like that. I have never been in trouble.

And start crying before the television camera while reliving the nightmare. He heard the rear seat door open and at that moment he realized that the passenger had left while they were moving through the tunnel.

After falling to the pavement in the tunnel during rush hour, Roselangie was hit by the driver of the vehicles.

“I was in shock. I didn’t understand what was going on,” said Ayala. “Then I saw her behind my car.”

It all started at Logan airport. Ayala had just taken Uber passengers to the terminal and heard a knock on her window.

Then he turned off the application and started driving towards Mattapan. But after a few minutes, he said the passenger thought they were going the wrong way. “She jumped and was hit.”

“I feel really bad,” said Ayala. “I always like to be useful. I have it inside me to help people. I’ve always been like this”.

Ayala said she is a safe and responsible driver. But she was suspended in the middle of the investigation and for now she cannot drive for Uber or Lyft while the police investigate the accident.

She is worried about the passenger in the hospital and her economic situation, which includes sending money to her family in the Dominican Republic.

“She suffers from something because a normal person would not do that,” said the driver.

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