Dominican restaurant lawsuit for gender discrimination by not charging women

NEW YORK. – All restaurants and lounges in the city have a special free night for ladies, but the Caucasian customer of the Dominican restaurant “Republic Lounge“, located on Dickman Street in the Inwood neighborhood in Upper Manhattan, Patrick McDowell He does not seem to understand that concept and is demanding the establishment alleging that he was discriminated against as a man, since he was charged for the right to enter.

It was, as usual, “Ladies Night,” in the business that also promotes what he calls “Plush Saturdays, free ladies all night,” but McDowell, a Queens resident, argues that he should not be charged either, but treat it the same as women.

In the lawsuit, the man alleges that he had to pay $ 20 for the entrance and was told that the women did not have to pay anything.

He is claiming $ 50,000 of compensation in the lawsuit he filed in the Manhattan State Supreme Court, also saying that “Republica Lounge” did not obtain permission for ladies’ night, which is a common concession in bars, clubs, nightclubs and restaurants that offer shows and karaoke, from the New York Human Rights Commission to participate in that kind of sexual discrimination, as required.

The commission is led by Dominican lawyer Ángela Fernández, who was appointed in the position mid-year.

“The defendant in this matter holds women’s night events in which women receive preferential treatment and do so without the required permission of the New York City Human Rights Commission, which violates the law,” Claim the claim.

“Although the court may believe that public policy should allow the defendant to discriminate in favor of clients, the legislature has established a specific procedure for public accommodations to present such an argument: they must request it from the City of Human Rights Commission of New York by express permission to discriminate based on sex, “adds the plaintiff’s argument.

“In this case, the defendant has not been able to obtain such permission,” says McDowell.

In addition to seeking $ 50,000 in punishable damages, McDowell also wants a judge to prevent the club from celebrating ladies’ nights until the establishment obtains proper permission from the said commission.

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