Dominican sentenced to 10 years and who mocked the prosecutor on instagram, denounces mistreatment and abuse in jail

NUEVA YORK. – The Dominican Ronald de Jesús Plaza, sentenced in contumacia (absence) on January 21, 2016 to 10 years in jail and 5 on probation for aggravated assault on a man and who while the jurors deliberated, mocked the deputy prosecutor in charge of the case, Karl Miller, raising a bottle of the Venezuelan rum “Diplomático Reserva” when he was enjoying a resort in Los Angeles.

He was free on a $ 250,000 bond paid by his family after mortgaging a house in Westchester County, where he was also charged with attempted murder during a robbery.

He surrendered 11 days later for the attack on another Dominican in front of a restaurant on Kingsbridge Avenue in The Bronx and did not appear in court on December 3 being free on bail.

The case was still in pretrial hearings, according to Plaza’s lawyer, Alain Massena, who represented him in both proceedings, told the court that Plaza had disappeared.

An arrest warrant was issued in The Bronx and another for not presenting to the court in Westchester County, while Plaza fled.

In the Bronx they imposed a bail of $ 5,000.

Plaza, also published photos in his account of that social network driving a Lamborghini car and images with parts of places he was traveling in, they were waiting for him at the State Supreme Court of the Bronx, to which he never showed up.

He also published photos of a Glock gun and a bottle of champagne, identifying himself as a user with the nickname “rony_ montana 31”.

He was arrested by federal sheriffs (US Marshalls) and police officers in Los Angeles (California) and extradited to New York, where he was sentenced, after an active search as a high-profile fugitive.

The Dominican inmate who purges the sentence in the state maximum security prison “Shawangunk” in Ulster County in New York, granted an interview to reporter Gary Merson of the news channel 41, in which he says he has been physically abused and ill-treated in several times by prison guards.

“I want the state of New York to see how prisoners have to go through abuse, and it is a total abuse,” denounced Plaza.

He said that before he was transferred to the current jail, he was in a prison in Utica County, where he was also abused and mistreated, fearing for his life.

“There, they accused me that I had contraband in my cell and in the video, you can see how they threw me in the face, trying to get my left eye and talk about faking papers in case I died or something,” he said .

Plaza, who is also representing himself in a lawsuit he filed against the state of New York, also says that the video of that incident is being denied as part of the evidence he wants to present to the jury.

The office of the State Attorney General, Letitia James, confirmed the existence of the video, but warned that there is an open investigation, so she cannot comment or give a copy of the images to third parties.

Katy Viera, a cousin of Plaza, confirmed the beating in the Utica prison, saying that while still unconscious in bed, the guards continued to beat him.

The inmate said that he is not the only one in that situation and has witnessed abuse of other inmates, so he seeks an end to these abuses in New York prisons.

“I saw that between eight and ten officers were beating another prisoner,” he said.

He said that the justice system failed him and that it is very sad that those who are paid to protect the prisoners are the ones who mistreat them.

Plaza, has already been in five different state prisons to which he has been transferred.

When he was sentenced, the district attorney of the Bronx district, Darcel Clark, said in a statement that Plaza had mocked the prosecutor and the police, “but he could not escape justice and will now serve his sentence.”

Plaza, appeared in court during the days of the assault trial, but disappeared before jurors began deliberating at the end of 2015.

“Cheers, Mr. Miller, this is a good rum,” Plaza mockingly wrote to the assistant prosecutor on his Instagram account, showing the bottle of alcohol.

After his arrest on June 22 in Los Angeles, he was handed over to EL Bronx investigators who brought him to New York on July 9.

In addition to the 10-year sentence, he was prosecuted on a first-degree charge of violating his bail.

He was convicted in contumacia (absence) for a brutal attack in June 2014 against a man.

Plaza hit the victim who was leaving a nightclub on Kingsbridge Avenue in The Bronx, knocking him to the ground and breaking his nose.

He also cut it several times in the face while two other men held the victim.

One of the other attackers also stabbed the victim repeatedly in the back.

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