Dominican stylist murdered by her husband in a beauty salon in Queens

Dominican stylist murdered by her husband in a beauty salon in Queens hugging the corpse crying and talking to the dead

NEW YORK. – Dominican beauty stylist Iris Rodríguez, 35, was brutally murdered on Wednesday with more than 20 stabs, by her husband, who stormed at 7:00 p.m. at the “Tu S´tilo” spa salon , on 37th Avenue and 93rd Street in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens, while she was working.

The murderer, who was not immediately identified by the police, hugged the hysterical corpse, crying and talking to the dead after killing his wife for jealousy.

The man tried to commit suicide, but he was only injured in one arm so he was also taken to the hospital.

Bloody images of the security video inside the room, show the body of Iris on the floor in a pool of blood, while the man is on top and hugging the dead.

When the police arrived on the scene, they had to move the matador by force and practically drag him out, and then arrest him, said co-workers of the victim who work in the salon and clients who witnessed the murder.

He stabbed her several times in the chest while her horrified coworkers watched, police said.

The video obtained by this reporter last night, shows the murderer dressed in a torn green shirt, lying on it and hugging her, and speaking softly to the corpse, while the blood spurted out.

“Everyone can see!” A woman shouted off the screen, before the police entered the room.

“Move out of the way, move out of the way, anyone who has seen anything, stay here,” one of the policemen on the scene asked the witnesses to the murder.

“My God!” Another woman shouted, when the policemen were dragging the killer by the shirt, away from the shouting.

Paramedics took Iris to Elmhurst General Hospital in Queens, where she was pronounced dead.

Acquaintances of the couple told local media that Rodriguez and her husband separated in January this year, after four years of marriage but he was jealous when he saw her talking to other men, said one of her friends, who identified herself as Pink.

After they separated, he kept calling her at all hours day and night.

“She said he was aggressive, and she was a little scared, but never enough to think that he would kill her,” Rosa said.

He added that Iris told him that the ex-husband wanted the victim to live with him, but she didn’t want to continue the relationship.

Rodriguez also asked her friends not to tell her ex-husband where she was living.

“Iris was a very good person,” Rosa added, in tears after learning that Rodriguez died in the hospital.

“She was a very good mother. He loved his children. She would do everything for them, “explained the friend of the dead.

Rodriguez, who was a stylist in hairstyles and makeup in the salon, had two children, one of 8 years old and the other minor of that age.

“He was a magnificent person. None of us would think that this would happen, not even her, “Rosa said.

The police arrested the murderer of 39, but at the end of this chronicle last night, his identity was unknown.

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