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Dominican teenager after being lacerated to machetes by ex-husband who violated restraining order

NEW YORK. – Héctor de la Cruz, a Dominican chauffeur on request, on Friday turned the face and body of his ex-wife, Dominican teenager Lizbeth Acosta, 20, a few hours after graduating from a course to work as a home health caregiver (Home Ateender), and remains serious but stable at the Saint Barnabas hospital in the Bronx, where he has already had several surgeries.

The aggressor, who violated a recent several protection order that Acosta had imposed on him, was arrested shortly after the brutal attack and until last night, he was awaiting instruction in charges in the criminal court of the Bronx.

Police said that de la Cruz had to be taken to a hospital for treatment, although authorities did not say why.


Acosta, who moved from New Jersey to the Bronx, fleeing the alleged mistreatment of de la Cruz, was intercepted in the lobby of the building where he lives with relatives, including his mother Glenys.

The couple procreated a son who is now in the hands of the maternal grandmother, in the middle of a toxic and unstable relationship, according to witnesses close to Acosta’s family.

The man attacked her at 9:15 on Friday night when she walked through the lobby of the building, and it was at that moment that de la Cruz wielded the machete and began to stab her with the long, wide blade, with intentions of kill her.

Lizbeth’s father, Modesto Acosta, provided photos of his daughter with deep lacerations on the face, an arm, hands and other parts of the body.

The surgeons needed 8 hours to suture the jaw and mouth lesions, which had to be reconstructed, but she will need more interventions.

“We expect God to do her job and for her to improve,” said Lina Tejeda, an aunt at Acosta, 62. “She is stable right now. We hope God lets her recover. ”


It was also patched on the back of the neck and right hand while trying to escape the lobby of the building located on Grand Concourse Avenue near 196 East Street in the Fordham Manor neighborhood, leaving it in critical condition.

“She was lying there and there was blood everywhere,” said a neighbor who did not identify. The neighbor said she and other tenants in the building had seen the ex-boyfriend hanging around inside the building, but they didn’t know him or know who or what he is looking for from the Cross in the area.

“She was in the hallway of the apartment where she for several hours, standing in front of the door, waiting for her to arrive,” said the neighbor.

“She wanted to work. I wanted to move on, “said the victim’s 57-year-old father, who was standing by his daughter’s bed in the hospital that on Sunday could barely try to open his eyes or babble words.

“We don’t know how long he will have to stay here. She almost lost her life, “added the father.

Acosta’s relationship with de la Cruz was problematic almost from the moment they met three and a half years ago, her relatives said.

“She said she didn’t want to be alone because he always beat her,” said her father, adding that the couple’s son was born a year after the relationship began.

“She thought maybe because they had a daughter things would improve,” Mr. Acosta added. “But after a while he couldn’t take it anymore.”

The family says that Lizbeth applied for a protection (restraint) order in a Paterson court in New Jersey, where he lived on the Cross, three months ago and that the man was arrested several times during the relationship on domestic violence charges.

The authorities could not immediately confirm that.

“They separated because he mistreated her,” Acosta’s aunt said.

When the woman moved from New Jersey to New York, she took her 2-year-old daughter Kayla to the Bronx.

Acosta’s grandmother decided to move in with her to help her.

As a result of the machetes, you are likely to have scars for life, the parents explained.

“We love her very much,” Acosta’s aunt said. “We are trusting in God that there will be justice. Because divine justice does not fail.”

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