Dominican teenager of 16 accused of murder by death of taxi driver

NEW YORK. The 16-year-old Dominican teenager Ahvier Medina is accused of the murder of Muslim taxi driver Mohammed Zafrullah, 65, who died with his head crushed, in the middle of persecution of the accused, after he stole backpack to the driver and fled.

The taxi of the victim turned and fell on him, crushing his head, and although Medina did not touch him, according to the laws of New York state, he is responsible for the death of the taxi driver, because he caused the robbery.

The police said Medina was involved in the attack on another taxi driver, days before robbing Mohammed.

The incident occurred on Sunday at dawn on Sunday, and Medina was caught in a surveillance camera, which facilitated his capture after the police disclosed his image in media and social networks.

Sources of the investigation told local media that on July 10 Medina and two other thieves committed a robbery similar to another taxi driver on Morris Avenue and 143 East Street in the Bronx.

They put a knife in the taxi driver’s throat demanding that he give them all the money he had with him and his wallet was stolen and $ 29 dollars.

In that case, Medina was arrested and released the next day, on his own responsibility after being brought before a juvenile division judge in the criminal court of the Bronx.

He also faces robbery charges in Manhattan for allegedly entering a Duane Reade pharmacy in Manhattan on June 30, stealing $ 100 from a bag, according to the file.

On Sunday, Medina allegedly stole Zafrullah’s backpack, and when the taxi driver ran after the thief his car, which had been placed in reverse, rolled over him and crushed his head.

When he was arrested on Tuesday, Medina had the taxi driver’s documents with him, which were in his wallet when the police raided his apartment in the Bronx.

He was imprisoned without bail yesterday Wednesday, after being instructed of the charges in the Juvenile Division of the criminal court.

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